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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08A Foot-Arch Parameter Measurement System Using a RGB-D CameraChun, Sungkuk; Kong, Sejin; Mun, Kyung-Ryoul; Kim, Jinwook
2014-09A sensor-aided self coaching model for uncocking improvement in golf swingChun, Sungkuk; Kang, Donghoon; Choi, Hyeong-Rae; Park, Anjin; Lee, Ki-Kwang; Kim, Jinwook
2021-11A Study on the Contribution of Medial and Lateral Longitudinal Foot Arch to Human GaitJung, Dawoon; Mun, Kyung-Ryoul; Yoo, Seonggeun; Jung, Heeeun; Kim, Jinwook
2009Acquiring a Physical World and Serving Its Mirror World SimultaneouslyHong, Seungpyo; Ahn, Jong-gil; Ko, Heedong; Kim, Jinwook
2017-04Affine registration of three-dimensional point sets for improving the accuracy of eye position trackersKang, Donghoon; Kim, Jinwook; Kim, Sung-Kyu
2023-01Bacteroides vulgatus SNUG 40005 Restores Akkermansia Depletion by Metabolite ModulationYou, Hyun Ju; Si, Jiyeon; Kim, Jinwook; Yoon, Sunghyun; 차광현; Yoon Hyo Shin; 이길재; 유준선; 최준선; 정민경; 김도준; 이유진; 김민영; Jorge F. V?zquez-Castellanos; 성주헌; 박진모; 고광표
2022-11-11Ball position feature embedded Group Activity Recognition model for Team Sport GamesAnkhzaya JAMSRANDORJ; Vanyi CHAO; Yin May OO; Mun, Kyung Ryoul; Kim, Jinwook
2009Bilateral Filtered Shadow MapsKim, Jinwook; Kim, Soojae
2017-07Data-Driven Physics for Human Soft Tissue AnimationKim, Meekyoung; Pons-Moll, Gerard; Pujades, Sergi; Bang, Seungbae; Kim, Jinwook; Black, Michael J.; Lee, Sung-Hee
2022-07Deep Learning Networks for View-independent Knee and Elbow Joint Angle EstimationJamsrandorj, Ankhzaya; Konki Sravan Kumar; ARSHAD, MUHAMMAD ZEESHAN; Mun, Kyung-Ryoul; Kim, Jinwook
2023-01Deep Learning-Based Gait Event Prediction through a Single Waist-worn Wearable SensorArshad, Muhammad Zeeshan; Lee, Daehyun; Jung, Dawoon; Ankhzaya, Jamsrandorj; Kim, Jinwook; Mun, Kyung-Ryoul
2015-12Developmental and degenerative modulation of GABAergic transmission in the mouse hippocampusKim, Jinwook; Son, Yeonghoon; Kim, Juhwan; Lee, Sueun; Kang, Sohi; Park, Kyunghwan; Kim, Sung-Ho; Kim, Jong-Choon; Kim, Jeongtae; Takayama, Chitoshi; Im, Heh-In; Yang, Miyoung; Shin, Taekyun; Moon, Changjong
2006-09Fast GPU computation of the mass properties of a general shape and its application to buoyancy simulationKim, Jinwook; Kim, Soojae; Ko, Heedong; Terzopoulos, Demetri
2018-06-29Gait Estimation from Anatomical Foot Parameters Measured by a Foot Feature Measurement System using a Deep Neural Network ModelMun, Kyung-Ryoul; Song, Gyuwon; Chun, Sungkuk; Kim, Jinwook
2021-11Gait-based Human Identification through Minimum Gait-phases and SensorsArshad, Muhammad Zeeshan; Jung, Dawoon; Park, Mina; Mun, Kyung-Ryoul; Kim, Jinwook
2022-11High-Performance and Durable Fuel Cells using Co/Sr-Free Fluorite-Based Mixed Conducting (Pr,Ce)O2-delta CathodeSeo, Han Gil; Kim, Dong Hwan; Seo, Jongsu; Jeong, Seung Jin; Kim, Jinwook; Tuller, Harry L.; Son, Ji-Won; Jung, WooChul
2010Identification Scheme for the Affine Sensor ModelKang, Donghoon; Kim, Jong-Phil; Kim, Jinwook; Ko, Heedong
2022-07Identifying Depression in the Elderly Using Gait AccelerometryJung, Da Woon; Kim, Jinwook; Mun, Kyung-Ryoul
2020-01IMU-based Spectrogram Approach with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Gait ClassificationMau Dung Nguyen; Mun, Kyung-Ryoul; Jung, Dawoon; Kim, Jinwook; Park, Mina; Kim, Jeuk; Han, Jooin
2014-07Kinematic and dynamic modeling of spherical joints using exponential coordinatesKim, Jinwook; Lee, Sung-Hee; Park, Frank C.
2020-04Multiple Classification of Gait Using Time-Frequency Representations and Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksJung, Dawoon; Nguyen, Mau Dung; Park, Mina; Kim, Jinwook; Mun, Kyung-Ryoul
2009Orientation Responsive Touch InteractionKim, Jinwook; Ahn, Jong-gil; Ko, Heedong
2017-07Patella Shape Extraction from 3D Point Cloud Data for Personalized Knee BraceKim, Jinwook; Oh, Hyungan
2021-11Personal Identification Using Gait Spectrograms and Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksJung, Dawoon; Mau Dung Nguyen; Arshad, Muhammad Zeeshan; Kim, Jinwook; Mun, Kyung-Ryoul
2014-10Point-based View Synthesis from RGB-D ImagesKim, Jinwook; Park, Anjin
2014Pose-Aware Smoothing Filter for Depth ImagesHong, Seungpyo; Kim, Jinwook
2019-10PotSAC: A Robust Axis Estimator for Axially Symmetric Pot FragmentsHong, Je Hyeong; Kim, Young Min; Wi, Koang-Chul; Kim, Jinwook
2022-07Prediction of lower limb kinematics from vision-based system using deep learning approachesKonki Sravan Kumar; Ankhzaya, Jamsrandorj; Kim, Jinwook; Mun, Kyung-Ryoul
2019-11The Relationship Between Foot Feature Parameters and Postural Stability in Healthy SubjectsMun, Kyung-Ryoul; Chun, Sungkuk; Hong, Junggi; Kim, Jinwook