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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-073D-networked carbon nanotube/diamond core-shell nanowires for enhanced electrochemical performanceLee, Seung-Koo; Song, Min-Jung; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Kan, Tae-Seok; Lim, Young-Kyun; Ahn, Jae-Pyoung; Lim, Dae-Soon
2024-01Atypical formations of gintonin lysophosphatidic acids as new materials and their beneficial effects on degenerative diseasesKim, Ji-Hun; Lee, Ra Mi; Oh, Hyo-Bin; Kim, Tae-Young; Rhim, Hyewhon; Choi, Yoon Kyung; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Oh, Seikwan; Kim, Do-Geun; Cho, Ik-Hyun; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2006-11Cloning and heterologous expression of a Ca2+-activated chloride channel isoform from rat brainYoon, In-Soo; Jeong, Sang Min; Lee, Soo Nam; Lee, Jun-Ho; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Pyo, Mi Kyung; Lee, Joon-Hee; Lee, Byung-Hwan; Choi, Sun-Hye; Rhim, Hyewhon; Choe, Han; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2014-09-29Cu-In-Ga-S quantum dot composition-dependent device performance of electrically driven light-emitting diodesKim, Jong-Hoon; Lee, Ki-Heon; Jo, Dae-Yeon; Lee, Yangjin; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Yang, Heesun
2016-03-25Enhanced fluorescent stability of copper indium sulfide quantum dots through incorporating aluminum into ZnS shellKim, Jong-Hoon; Jang, Eun-Pyo; Kwon, Yongwoo; Jang, Ho Seong; Do, Young Rag; Yang, Heesun
2015-03Fabrication of a white electroluminescent device based on bilayered yellow and blue quantum dotsKim, Jong-Hoon; Lee, Ki-Heon; Kang, Hee-Don; Park, Byoungnam; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Jang, Ho Seong; Do, Young Rag; Yang, Heesun
2006-12Ginseng saponins diminish adverse vascular effects associated with chronic methionine-induced hyperhomocysteinemiaKim, Jong-Hoon; Cho, Soo Yeun; Kang, Chang-Won; Yoon, In-Soo; Lee, Jun-Ho; Jeong, Sang Min; Lee, Byung-Hwan; Lee, Joon-Hee; Pyo, Mi-Kyung; Choi, Sun-Hye; Quan, Shi Fu; Lee, Jong-Hwan; Choi, Chi-Bong; Rhim, Hyewhon; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2019-09High-efficiency blue and white electroluminescent devices based on non-Cd I-III-VI quantum dotsYoon, Suk-Young; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Kim, Kyung-Hye; Han, Chang-Yeol; Jo, Jung-Ho; Jo, Dae-Yeon; Hong, Seung ki; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Do, Young Rag; Yang, Heesun
2015-04-01Highly Bright Yellow-Green-Emitting CuInS2 Colloidal Quantum Dots with Core/Shell/Shell Architecture for White Light-Emitting DiodesPark, Sang Hyun; Hong, Ara; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Yang, Heesun; Lee, Kwangyeol; Jang, Ho Seong
2007-03-09Neuroprotective effects of ginsenoside Rg(3) against homocysteine-induced excitotoxicity in rat hippocampusKim, Jong-Hoon; Cho, Soo Yeun; Lee, Jun-Ho; Jeong, Sang Min; Yoon, In-Soo; Lee, Byung-Hwan; Lee, Joon-Hee; Pyo, Mi Kyung; Lee, Sang-Mok; Chung, Jun-Mo; Kim, Sunoh; Rhim, Hyewhon; Oh, Jae-Wook; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2015-10-25Photostability enhancement of InP/ZnS quantum dots enabled by In2O3 overcoatingJo, Jung-Ho; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Lee, Sun-Hyoung; Jang, Ho Seong; Jang, Dong Seon; Lee, Ju Chul; Park, Ko Un; Choi, Yoonyoung; Ha, Chunghun; Yang, Heesun
2021-07Protective Effects of Gintonin on Reactive Oxygen Species-Induced HT22 Cell Damages: Involvement of LPA1 Receptor-BDNF-AKT Signaling PathwayCho, Yeon-Jin; Choi, Sun-Hye; Lee, Ra-Mi; Cho, Han-Sung; Rhim, Hyewhon; Kim, Hyoung-Chun; Kim, Byung-Joo; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2017-05Quantized interfacial properties at lead sulfide/Zn1-xMgxO energy harvesting assembly: Formation of nanocrystal solid solutionCho, Seongeun; Kim, Youngjun; Kim, Minkyoing; Kim, Jin-A.; Kim, Kihyun; Park, Yujin; Han, Soojin; Han, Chang-Yeol; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Park, Jun-Young; Kim, Eugene; Yang, Heesun; Park, Byoungnam
2014-03-01Quantum-dot-based white lighting planar source through downconversion by blue electroluminescenceLee, Ki-Heon; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Jang, Ho Seong; Do, Young Rag; Yang, Heesun
2017-04-14Synthesis of highly efficient azure-to-blue-emitting Zn-Cu-Ga-S quantum dotsKim, Bu-Yong; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Lee, Ki-Heon; Jang, Eun-Pyo; Han, Chang-Yeol; Jo, Jung-Ho; Jang, Ho Seong; Yang, Heesun
2013-02Unique oxide overcoating of CuInS2/ZnS core/shell quantum dots with ZnGa2O4 for fabrication of white light-emitting diode with improved operational stabilitySong, Woo-Seuk; Jang, Eun-Pyo; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Jang, Ho Seong; Yang, Heesun
2013-02-01Utilization of LiSrPO4:Eu phosphor and Cu-In-S quantum dot for fabrication of high color rendering white light-emitting diodeSong, Woo-Seuk; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Lee, Jeong-Hoon; Lee, Hye-Seung; Jang, Ho Seong; Yang, Heesun