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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-052xN twin-field quantum key distribution network configuration based on polarization, wavelength, and time division multiplexingPark, Chang Hoon; Woo, Min Ki; Park, Byung Kwon; Kim, Yong-Su; Baek, Hyeon jun; Lee, Seung-Woo; Lim, Hyang-Tag; Jeon, Seung-Woo; Jung, Hojoong; Kim, Sangin; Han, Sang-Wook
2023-07Aluminum nitride waveguide beam splitters for integrated quantum photonic circuitsJang, Hyeong-Soon; Lee, Donghwa; Heo, Hyungjun; Kim, Yong-Su; Lim, Hyang-Tag; Jeon, Seung -Woo; 문성욱; Kim, Sangin; Han, Sang-Wook; Jung, Hojoong
2019-06-15Experimental comparison of various quantum key distribution protocols under reference frame rotation and fluctuationYoon, Juhwan; Pramanik, Tanumoy; Park, Byung-Kwon; Cho, Young-Wook; Lee, Sang-Yun; Kim, Sangin; Han, Sang-Wook; Moon, Sung; Kim, Yong-Su
2022-07Experimental Demonstration of an Efficient Mach-Zehnder Modulator Bias Control for Quantum Key Distribution SystemsPark, Chang-Hoon; Woo, Min-Ki; Park, Byung-Kwon; Jeon, Seung-Woo; Jung, Hojoong; Kim, Sangin; Han, Sang-Wook
2022-07Generation of Decoy Signals Using Optical Amplifiers for a Plug-and-Play Quantum Key Distribution SystemWoo, Min-Ki; Park, Chang-Hoon; Kim, Sangin; Han, Sang-Wook
2016-05InGaAs/InP Avalanche Photodiode for Single Photon Detection with Zinc Diffusion Process Using Metal Organic Chemical Vapor DepositionLee, In Joon; Lee, Min Soo; Kim, Min Su; Jun, Dong-Hwan; Jeong, Hae Yong; Kim, Sangin; Han, Sang-wook; Moon, Sung
2022-08Mirror-Less Unidirectional Radiation in an Asymmetric Single ResonatorSong, Joohyung; Heo, Hyungjun; Lee, Sangjun; Kim, Sangin
2016-05-25Multi-Functional Transparent Luminescent Configuration for Advanced PhotovoltaicsNam, Minwoo; Kwon, Hyun-Keun; Kwon, S. Joon; Kwon, Soon-Hong; Cha, Minjeong; Lee, Sung-Hwan; Park, Sangpil; Jeong, Dawoon; Lee, Kyu-Tae; Rhee, Hanju; Do, Young Rag; Kim, Sangin; Kim, Kyoungsik; Friend, Richard H.; Han, Joon Soo; Han, Il Ki; Ko, Doo-Hyun
2020-10One to Many QKD Network System Using Polarization-Wavelength Division MultiplexingWoo, Min Ki; Park, Byung Kwon; Kim, Yong-Su; Cho, Young-Wook; Jung, Hojoong; Lim, Hyang-Tag; Kim, Sangin; Moon, Sung; Han, Sang-Wook
2024-05Photon-pair generation using inverse-designed thin-film lithium niobate mode convertersKwon, Kiwon; Heo, Hyungjun; Lee, Dongjin; Kim, Hyeongpin; Jang, Hyeong-Soon; Shin, Woncheol; Lim, Hyang-Tag; Kim, Yong-Su; Han, Sang-Wook; Kim, Sangin; Shin, Heedeuk; Kwon, Hyounghan; Jung, Hojoong
2022-08Plug-and-play QKD architecture with a self-optical pulse train generatorWoo, Min Ki; Park, Chang Hoon; Park, Byung Kwon; Jung, Hojoong; Kang, Dongyeon; Jeon, Seung-Woo; Kim, Sangin; Han, Sang-Wook
2018-10Practical Plug-and-Play Measurement-Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution With Polarization Division MultiplexingPark, Chang Hoon; Woo, Min Ki; Park, Byung Kwon; Lee, Min Soo; Kim, Yong-Su; Cho, Young-Wook; Kim, Sangin; Han, Sang-Wook; Moon, Sung
2020-10Research on Plug-and-Play Twin-Field Quantum Key DistributionPark, Chang Hoon; Woo, Min Ki; Han, Sang-Wook; Kim, Yong-Su; Kim, Sangin; Park, Byung Kwon
2016-10Single-step metal-organic vapor-phase diffusion for low-dark-current planar-type avalanche photodiodesJun, Dong-Hwan; Jeong, Hae Yong; Kim, Youngjo; Shin, Chan-Soo; Park, Kyung Ho; Park, Won-Kyu; Kim, Min-Su; Kim, Sangin; Han, Sang Wook; Moon, Sung