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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01-28Assessment of bacterial community structure in nitrifying biofilm under inorganic carbon-sufficient and -limited conditionsBae, Hyokwan; Chung, Yun-Chul; Yang, Heejeong; Lee, Changsoo; Aryapratama, Rio; Yoo, Young J.; Lee, Seockheon
2015-11Characterization of food waste-recycling wastewater as biogas feedstockShin, Seung Gu; Han, Gyuseong; Lee, Joonyeob; Cho, Kyungjin; Jeon, Eun-Jeong; Lee, Changsoo; Hwang, Seokhwan
2015-12-01Enrichment of ANAMMOX bacteria from conventional activated sludge entrapped in poly(vinyl alcohol)/sodium alginate gelBae, Hyokwan; Choi, Minkyu; Lee, Changsoo; Chung, Yun-Chul; Yoo, Young Je; Lee, Seockheon
2023-11High-voltage (4.1 V) organic electrode material with an oxygen redox centerLee, Sechan; Kwon, Giyun; Kang, Taewon; Kim, Jihyeon; Lee, Byungju; Kim, Chunjoong; Lee, Changsoo; Kim, Youngsu; Noh, Joohyeon; Yu, Young-Sang; Lee, Dongwhan; Kang, Kisuk
2017-12Microbial community shifts in a farm-scale anaerobic digester treating swine waste: Correlations between bacteria communities associated with hydrogenotrophic methanogens and environmental conditionsCho, Kyungjin; Shin, Seung Gu; Kim, Woong; Lee, Joonyeob; Lee, Changsoo; Hwang, Seokhwan
2015-12The biostimulation of anaerobic digestion with (semi)conductive ferric oxides: their potential for enhanced biomethanationBaek, Gahyun; Kim, Jaai; Cho, Kyungjin; Bae, Hyokwan; Lee, Changsoo
2023-09Thin Film Composite Membranes as a New Category of Alkaline Water Electrolysis MembranesChoi, Juyeon; Kim, Hansoo; Jeon, Sungkwon; Shin, Min Gyu; Seo, Jin Young; Park, You-In; Park, Hosik; Lee, Albert S.; Lee, Changsoo; Kim, MinJoong; Cho, Hyun-Seok; Lee, Jung-Hyun
2020-05Treatment of low-strength ammonia wastewater by single-stage partial nitritation and anammox using upflow dual-bed gel-carrier reactor (UDGR)Jo, Yeadam; Cho, Kyungjin; Choi, Hyungmin; Lee, Changsoo