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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-032D-3D registration for 3D analysis of lower limb alignment in a weight-bearing conditionShim, Eungjune; Kim, Youngjun; Lee, Deukhee; Lee, Byung Hoon; Woo, Sungkyung; Lee, Kunwoo
-2D/3D registration method for a single X-ray image and 3D geometrical data of a whole legEungJune Shim; Sangkyun Shin; Lee, Deukhee; Kim, Laehyun; Youngjun Kim
2020-073D Pose and Curvature Estimation of Bendable Interventional Device using Single-view X-ray ImageSunghwan Lim; Junhyoung Ha; Lee, Deukhee
2018-063D Pose Estimation of Catheter Band Markers based on Single-Plane FluoroscopyHwang Sangchul; Lee, Deukhee
-3D Position and Rotation Tracking of Multiple Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments Using Single CameraSangkyun, Shin; Lee, Deukhee; Youngjun Kim; Park, Se Hyung
-3D Positional and Rotational Tracking of Laparoscopic Surgery InstrumentsShin Sangkyun; Kim Youngjun; Kwak Hyun Soo; Lee, Deukhee; Park, Se Hyung
-3D Preoperative Planning of Robotic Intracerebral Hematoma (ICH) Removal SurgeryCHOI JIN HYEOK; Youngjun Kim; Lee, Deukhee; Park, Se Hyung
20133D Preoperative Surgical Planning Software for Anterior Cruciate Ligament ReconstructionChoi, Jin Hyeok; Lim, Sunghwan; Kim, Youngjun; Lee, Deukhee; Park, Sehyung; Park, Shinhyung; Wang, Joon Ho
2017-01-193D surgical planning and analysis software for orbital fracture reconstructionYoungjun Kim; Hyeun A Kim; Cho, Hyun Chul; Kim Sunhee; Jerome Charton; Lee, Deukhee; Park, Se Hyung; Jeong, Woo Shik; Choi, Jong Woo
-3D Tracking of Surgical Instruments Using a Single Camera for Laparoscopic Surgery SimulationShin Sangkyun; Kim Youngjun; Kwak Hyun Soo; Lee, Deukhee; Park, Se Hyung
2018-094D Cardiac Motion Modeling Using Pair-Wise Mesh RegistrationSIYEOP YOON; Stephen Baek; Lee, Deukhee
2018-05-174D dynamic cardiac modeling based robot motion compensation method for cardiac interventionSIYEOP YOON; Son Jin Won; Lee, Deukhee
-A control framework for the non-invasive ultrasound theragnostic systemNorihiro Koizumi; Joonho Seo; Yugo Suzuki; Lee, Deukhee; Kohei Ota; Akira Nomiya; Shin Yoshizawa; Kiyoshi Yoshinaka; Naohiko Sugita; Yoichiro Matsumoto; Yukio Homma; Mamoru Mitsuishi
-A Controller by Using Notch filter for the Non-Invasive Ultrasound Theragnostic SystemNorihiro Koizumi; Lee, Deukhee; Kohei Ota; Shin Yoshizawa; Kiyoshi Yoshinaka; Yoichiro Matsumoto; Mamoru Mitsuishi
2024-02A Deep Learning Harmonization of Multi-Vendor MRI for Robust Intervertebral Disc SegmentationKim, Chaewoo; Park, Sang-Min; Lee, Sanghoon; Lee, Deukhee
-A Framework of the Feed-Forward Controller of the Integrated System for Non-Invasive Ultrasound Diagnosis and TreatmentNorihiro Koizumi; Kohei Ota; Lee, Deukhee; Shin Yoshizawa; Akira Ito; Yukio Kaneko; Yoichiro Matsumoto; Mamoru Mitsuishi
-A Framework of the Non-Invasive Ultrasound Theragnostic SystemNorihiro Koizumi; Lee, Deukhee; Kohei Ota; Shin Yoshizawa; Kiyoshi Yoshinaka; Yoichiro Matsumoto; Mamoru Mitsuishi
2015A Method for Fluoroscopy Based Navigation System to Assist Needle Insertion Concerning Reduced Radiation Exposure for Endoscopic Disc SurgeryPark, Jinkon; Yoon, Hyon Min; Yoon, Siyeop; Vania, Malinda; Lee, Deukhee
2013A New Method for Robotic calibration of HIFU TransducerCha, Oh -rum; Lim, Sung-hwan; Lee, Deukhee
-A new optical coherence tomography system guided by active cannulasGim Suhyeon; Moon, Hyowon; Shin, Hyun Joon; Lee, Deukhee; Kang, Sung Chul; Keri Kim
2020-10A Patient-Specific 3D+t Coronary Artery Motion Modeling Method Using Hierarchical Deformation with ElectrocardiogramYoon, Siyeop; Yoon, Changhwan; Chun, Eun Ju; Lee, Deukhee
2013A Phantom Study on the Propagation of NIR Rays under the Skin for Designing a Novel Vein-Visualizing DeviceLee, Sangjun; Park, Sehyung; Lee, Deukhee
2014-10A Single Camera Tracking System for 3D Position, Grasper Angle, and Rolling Angle of Laparoscopic InstrumentsShin, Sangkyun; Kim, Youngjun; Cho, Hyunchul; Lee, Deukhee; Park, Sehyung; Kim, Gerard Jounghyun; Kim, Laehyun
2020-02A Skin-Conformal, Stretchable, and Breathable Fiducial Marker Patch for Surgical Navigation SystemsLee, Sangkyu; Seong, Duhwan; Yoon, Jiyong; Lee, Sungjun; Baac, Hyoung Won; Lee, Deukhee; Son, Donghee
2017-06A study for non-rigid 2x2D-3D registration of coronary artery images using bifurcation points matching with bi-plane x-ray fluoroscopySIYEOP YOON; Son Jin Won; Youngjun Kim; Park, Se Hyung; Lee, Deukhee
-A study on optimal design of bone plate for the mandibular condyle neck fracture caseJiyeon Park; Lee, Deukhee; Gunwoo Noh
2015-08Active Contour Segmentation Using Level Set Function with Enhanced Image from Prior IntensityKim, Sunhee; Park, Sehyung; Lee, Deukhee; Kim, Youngjun
-Active Contour Segmentation using Level Set Function with Enhanced Image from Prior IntensityKim Sunhee; Youngjun Kim; Lee, Deukhee; Park, Se Hyung
2020-10An anatomical neurovascular study for procedures targeting peri-articular nerves in patients with anterior knee painPark, Mi Ran; Kim, Dasom; Rhyu, Im Joo; Yu, Joon Ho; Hong, Jisu; Yoon, Siyeop; Lee, Deukhee; Koh, Jae Chul
2016-10Arthroscopically blind anatomical anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using only navigation guidance: a cadaveric studyPark, Sin Hyung; Moon, Sang Won; Lee, Byung Hoon; Park, Sehyung; Kim, Youngjun; Lee, Deukhee; Lim, Sunghwan; Wang, Joon Ho