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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-04Amines immobilized double-walled silica nanotubes for CO2 captureKo, Young Gun; Lee, Hyun Jeong; Oh, Hyun Chul; Choi, Ung Su
2020-11An Exploratory Pilot Study with Plasma Protein Signatures Associated with Response of Patients with Depression to Antidepressant Treatment for 10 WeeksKim, Eun Young; Ahn, Hee-Sung; Lee, Min Young; Yu, Jiyoung; Yeom, Jeonghun; Jeong, Hwangkyo; Min, Hophil; Lee, Hyun Jeong; Kim, Kyunggon; Ahn, Yong Min
2013-09Cu2+ sequestration by amine-functionalized silica nanotubesKo, Young Gun; Lee, Hyun Jeong; Oh, Hyun Chul; Choi, Ung Su
2016-03Design of a novel theranostic nanomedicine: synthesis and physicochemical properties of a biocompatible polyphosphazene-platinum(II) conjugateAvaji, Prakash G.; Park, Jung Hyun; Lee, Hyun Jeong; Jun, Yong Joo; Park, Kyung Su; Lee, Kyung Eun; Choi, Soo-Jin; Lee, Hwa Jeong; Sohn, Youn Soo
2012-06Dipolar-molecule complexed chitosan carboxylate, phosphate, and sulphate dispersed electrorheological suspensionsKo, Young Gun; Lee, Hyun Jeong; Shin, Seung Su; Choi, Ung Su
-Direct conversion of 5% (v/v) CO2 to acetone and isopropanol with metabolically-engineered cyanobacteriaChwa Jun Won; Lee, Hyun Jeong; choi sun-young; Sang Jun Sim; Han Min Woo
2017-12Direct Conversion of CO2 to alpha-Farnesene Using Metabolically Engineered Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942Lee, Hyun Jeong; Lee, Jiwon; Lee, Sun-Mi; Um, Youngsoon; Kim, Yunje; Sim, Sang Jun; Choi, Jong-il; Woo, Han Min
2014-08Hierarchically Porous Aminosilica Monolith as a CO2 AdsorbentKo, Young Gun; Lee, Hyun Jeong; Kim, Jae Yong; Choi, Ung Su
2014-10Line-patterning of polyaniline coated MWCNT on stepped substrates using DC electric fieldKo, Young Gun; Do, Tae Gu; Oh, Hyun Chul; Lee, Hyun Jeong; Han, Hung-gu; Kim, Choong Hyun; Choi, Ung Su
-Metabolic engineering of Synechococcus elongatus PCC7942 to photosynthetically produce acetoneChwa Jun Won; Lee, Hyun Jeong; Youngsoon Um; Sim Sang Jun; Han Min Woo
2017-02Photosynthetic CO2 Conversion to Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters (FAEEs) Using Engineered CyanobacteriaLee, Hyun Jeong; Choi Jaeyeon; Lee, Sun-Mi; Um, Youngsoon; Sim, Sang Jun; Kim, Yunje; Woo, Han Min
2016-09Photosynthetic conversion of CO2 to farnesyl diphosphate-derived phytochemicals (amorpha-4,11-diene and squalene) by engineered cyanobacteriaChoi, Sun Young; Lee, Hyun Jeong; Choi, Jaeyeon; Kim, Jiye; Sim, Sang Jun; Um, Youngsoon; Kim, Yunje; Lee, Taek Soon; Keasling, Jay D.; Woo, Han Min
2013-02Positive and Negative Electrorheological Response of Alginate Salts Dispersed Suspensions under Electric FieldKo, Young Gun; Lee, Hyun Jeong; Chun, Yong Jin; Choi, Ung Su; Yoo, Ki Pung
2013-10The mixing effect of amine and carboxyl groups on electrorheological properties and its analysis by in situ FT-IR under an electric fieldKo, Young Gun; Lee, Hyun Jeong; Park, Yong Sung; Woo, Je Wan; Choi, Ung Su