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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-07Catalytic ozonation of humic acids with Fe/MgOLee, JE; Jin, BS; Cho, SH; Han, SH; Joo, OS; Jung, KD
2005-05Catalytic ozonation of humic acids with Fe/MgOLee, JE; Jin, BS; Cho, SH; Han, SH; Joo, OS; Jung, KD
1998-01-20Cleavage of N-O bonds by samarium diiodide: A new entry to chemoselective methods for the conversion of isoxazolines to beta-hydroxy ketonesJung, SH; Lee, JE; Koh, HY
2001-09-14Direct nanowiring of carbon nanotubes for highly integrated electronic and spintronic devicesLee, YH; Jang, YT; Choi, CH; Kim, DH; Lee, CW; Lee, JE; Han, YS; Yoon, SS; Shin, JK; Kim, ST; Kim, EK; Ju, BK
2004-09Effects of a chitosan scaffold containing TGF-beta 1 encapsulated chitosan microspheres on in vitro chondrocyte cultureLee, JE; Kim, SE; Kwon, IC; Ahn, HJ; Cho, H; Lee, SH; Kim, HJ; Seong, SC; Lee, MC
2004-08Effects of the controlled-released TGF-beta 1 from chitosan microspheres on chondrocytes cultured in a collagen/chitosan/glycosaminoglycan scaffoldLee, JE; Kim, KE; Kwon, IC; Ahn, HJ; Lee, SH; Cho, HC; Kim, HJ; Seong, SC; Lee, MC
2001-02Improved calcification resistance and biocompatibility of tissue patch grafted with sulfonated PEO or heparin after glutaraldehyde fixationLee, WK; Park, KD; Kim, YH; Suh, H; Park, JC; Lee, JE; Sun, K; Baek, MJ; Kim, HM; Kim, SH
2006-05-01In vivo gene therapy of type I diabetic mellitus using a cationic emulsion containing an Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) based plasmid vectorYoo, HS; Mazda, O; Lee, HY; Kim, JC; Kwon, SM; Lee, JE; Kwon, IC; Jeong, H; Jeong, YS; Jeong, SY
2000-12Indium and tin mediated allylation reactions of 3-hydroxycephem in aqueous mediaLee, JE; Cha, JH; Pae, AN; Choi, KI; Koh, HY; Kim, Y; Cho, YS
1999-02-26Indium and zinc mediated Barbier type reactions: Allylation and propargylation reactions of 6-oxopenicillanate and 7-oxocephalosporanateCho, YS; Lee, JE; Pae, AN; Choi, KI; Koh, HY
1996-09Platelet adhesion and activation on polyethylene glycol modified polyurethane surfaces - Measurement of cytoplasmic calciumPark, KD; Suzuki, K; Lee, WK; Lee, JE; Kim, YH; Sakurai, Y; Okano, T
2005-03-02Self-assembled nanoparticles containing hydrophobically modified glycol chitosan for gene deliveryYoo, HS; Lee, JE; Chung, H; Kwon, IC; Jeong, SY
2001-02-05Solution-phase combinatorial synthesis of isoxazolines and isoxazoles using [2+3] cycloaddition reaction of nitrile oxidesKang, KH; Pae, AN; Choi, KI; Cho, YS; Chung, BY; Lee, JE; Jung, SH; Koh, HY; Lee, HY
2000-07-28Structural modifications and biological evaluation of 3-isoxazolylvinylcephalosporinsPae, AN; Lee, JE; Kim, BH; Cha, JH; Kim, HY; Cho, YS; Choi, KI; Koh, HY; Lee, E; Kim, JH
2000-02-20Synthetic studies on the Stemona alkaloids: Construction of BCD tricyclic ring skeleton of stenine based on an IMDA/Beckmann rearrangement strategyJung, SH; Lee, JE; Joo, HJ; Kim, SH; Koh, HY