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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-08-232 similar to 5 times tunable repetition-rate multiplication of a 10 GHz pulse source using a linearly tunable, chirped fiber Bragg gratingLee, JH; Chang, YM; Han, YG; Kim, SH; Lee, SB
2004-07-053,4-dihydroquinazoline derivatives as novel selective T-type Ca2+ channel blockersLee, YS; Lee, BH; Park, SJ; Kang, SB; Rhim, H; Park, JY; Lee, JH; Jeong, SW; Lee, JY
2004-05-1740 GHz adiabatic compression of a modulator based dual frequency beat signal using Raman amplification in dispersion decreasing fiberLee, JH; Han, YG; Lee, SB; Kogure, T; Richardson, DJ
2000-06A Chemla-type electrotransport experiment in magnetite, Fe3-delta O4Lee, JH; Martin, M; Yoo, HI
2005-11A detailed experimental study on single-pump Raman/EDFA hybrid amplifiers: Static, dynamic, and system performance comparisonLee, JH; Chang, YM; Han, YG; Chung, HY; Kim, SH; Lee, SB
1996A high-performance distributed arithmetic processor for the HD video compressionKim, HG; Lee, JH; Kwon, YM
1997-01-27A new class of conjugated ionic polyacetylenes .3. Cyclopolymerization of alkyldipropargyl(4-sulfobutyl)ammonium betaines by transition metal catalystsChoi, DC; Kim, SH; Lee, JH; Cho, HN; Choi, SK
2004-09A passive multiple trailer system with off-axle hitchingLee, JH; Chung, WJ; Kim, MS; Song, JB
2004-07-22A single component photoimaging system with styrene copolymers having t-BOC-protected quinizarin dye precursors and photoacid generating groups in a single polymer chainYoo, JH; Kim, SY; Cho, I; Kim, JM; Ahn, KD; Lee, JH
2003-11-20Accumulation of the carbonaceous species on the Ni/Al2O3 catalyst during CO2 reforming of methaneLee, JH; Joo, OS; Baek, YS; Yu, YH; Jung, KD
2005-03All-optical signal processing devices based on Holey FiberLee, JH
1997-04Altered hydroxylation of estrogen in patients with postmenopausal osteopeniaLim, SK; Won, YJ; Lee, JH; Kwon, SH; Lee, EJ; Kim, KR; Lee, HC; Huh, KB; Chung, BC
1996-08-01Application of homogenization FEM analysis to regular and re-entrant honeycomb structuresLee, JH; Choi, JB; Choi, K
2001-07Application of liquid electrolyte theory to the cross effect between ionic and electronic charge flows in semiconducting oxide I. Comparison of the theory with experimental resultsLee, JH
1999-06Before- and after-domain rotation of the free layer of an FeMn based spin valveLee, JH; Park, BK; Rhie, K; Choe, G; Shin, KH
2006-03-02Bismuth nonlinear fibre-based optical phase conjugator without SBS-induced efficiency limitation and its application to dispersion compensation in transmission linkLee, JH; Kim, CH; Han, YG; Lee, SB; Nagashima, T; Hasegawa, T; Ohara, S; Sugimoto, N; Kikuchi, K
2006-01Bismuth-oxide-based nonlinear fiber with a high SBS threshold and its application to four-wave-mixing wavelength conversion using a pure continuous-wave pumpLee, JH; Nagashima, T; Hasegawa, T; Ohara, S; Sugimoto, N; Kikuchi, K
2000-10Carbonaceous species in fine particles at the background sites in Korea between 1994 and 1999Kim, YP; Moon, KC; Shim, SG; Lee, JH; Kim, JY; Fung, K; Carmichael, GR; Song, CH; Kang, CH; Kim, HK; Lee, CB
2000-09-29Characteristics of GaN films grown on the stress-imposed Si(111)Koh, EK; Park, YJ; Kim, EK; Park, CS; Lee, SH; Lee, JH; Choh, SH
2005-10Characteristics of ginsenoside Rg(3)-mediated brain Na+ current inhibitionLee, JH; Jeong, SM; Kim, JH; Lee, BH; Yoon, IS; Lee, JH; Choi, SH; Kim, DH; Rhim, H; Kim, SS; Kim, JI; Jang, CG; Song, JH; Nah, SY
2003-07-28Characteristics of ultrathin HfO2 gate dielectrics on strained-Si0.74Ge0.26 layersLee, JH; Maikap, S; Kim, DY; Mahapatra, R; Ray, SK; No, YS; Choi, WK
2006-04-11Characterization of human liver cytochrome P450 enzymes involved in the metabolism of rutaecarpineLee, SK; Lee, JH; Yoo, HH; Kim, DH; Jahng, YD; Jeong, TC
2002-11Characterization of resonant behavior and sensitivity using micromachined PZT cantileverLee, JH; Yoon, KH; Kim, TS
2004-01Characterization of the electrical properties of Y2O3-doped CeO2-rich CeO2-ZrO2 solid solutionsLee, JH; Kim, J; Kim, SW; Lee, HW; Song, HS
2006-06Characterization of thin-film YSZ deposited via EB-PVD technique in anode-supported SOFCsJung, HY; Hong, KS; Kim, H; Park, JK; Son, JW; Kim, J; Lee, HW; Lee, JH
2005-01-14Characterization of ZrO2 co-doped with SC2O3 and CeO2 electrolyte for the application of intermediate temperature SOFCsLee, DS; Kim, WS; Choi, SH; Kim, J; Lee, HW; Lee, JH
2005-12Clock recovery and demultiplexing of high-speed OTDM signal through combined use of bismuth oxide nonlinear fiber and erbium-doped bismuth oxide fiberLee, JH; Ohara, S; Nagashima, T; Hasegawa, T; Sugimoto, N; Igarashi, K; Katoh, K; Kikuchi, K
2005-08-26Cloning and expression of Ca2+-activated chloride channel from rat brainJeong, SM; Park, HK; Yoon, IS; Lee, JH; Kim, JH; Jang, CG; Lee, CJ; Nah, SY
1999-08Concentrations of carbonaceous species in particles at Seoul and Cheju in KoreaKim, YP; Moon, KC; Lee, JH; Baik, NJ
1997Content-based image retrieval method using color and shape featuresKim, IJ; Lee, JH; Kwon, YM; Park, SH