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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-08A multimode-interferenced electrooptic TE/TM mode splitterKim, G.; Kang, B.; Lee, S.; Chang, H.; Choi, M.; Lee, S.; Woo, D.; Kim, S.
2001-05A new exoskeleton-type masterarm with force reflection based on the torque sensor beamYoon, Sang Kim; Lee, S.; Cho, C.; Kim, M.; Lee, C.-W.
2003-10A Robust General Voronoi Graph based SLAM for a Hyper Symmetric EnvironmentDoh, N.L.; Chung, W.K.; Lee, S.; Oh, S.; You, B.
2005-10All-optical multiple logic gates using parallel SOA-MZI structuresKim, J.-Y.; Han, S.-K.; Lee, S.
2007-04-10Application of automated QUAL2Kw for water quality modeling and management in the Bagmati River, NepalKannel, Prakash Raj; Lee, S.; Lee, Y. -S.; Kanel, S. R.; Pelletier, G. J.
2006Application of improved rapid mixing for enhanced removal of dissolved organic matter and DBPFP (disinfection by-product formation potential) controlKim, H. C.; Lee, S.; Byun, S. J.; Yu, M. J.
2006Application of O-3/GAC process for advanced and selective removal of natural organic matter from conventionally treated waterKim, H. C.; Yu, M. J.; Koo, J. Y.; Lee, S.
2020-09Approaches to synthesize MgO nanostructures for diverse applicationsSingh, J.P.; Singh, V.; Sharma, A.; Pandey, G.; Chae, K.H.; Lee, S.
2012-07Asbestos concentration measurement using differential interference contrast microscopyZarubiieva, I.; Lee, J.S.; Hwang, G.B.; Bae, G.-N.; Shin, J.C.; Kim, D.G.; Lee, T.J.; Lee, H.J.; Woo, D.H.; Lee, S.; Cho, M.-O.; Kim, J.K.; Jun, S.C.; Kim, J.H.
2018-04Astrocytic water channel aquaporin-4 modulates brain plasticity in both mice and humans: a potential gliogenetic mechanism underlying language-associated learningWoo, J.; Kim, J. E.; Im, J. J.; Lee, J.; Jeong, H. S.; Park, S.; Jung, S-Y; An, H.; Yoon, S.; Lim, S. M.; Lee, S.; Ma, J.; Shin, E. Y.; Han, Y-E; Kim, B.; Lee, E. H.; Feng, L.; Chun, H.; Yoon, B-E; Kang, I.; Dager, S. R.; Lyoo, I. K.; Lee, C. J.
2021-12-17Atomic Rearrangement in Core-Shell Catalysts Induced by Electrochemical Activation for Favorable Oxygen Reduction in Acid ElectrolytesChoi, D.; Jung, J.Y.; Lee, M.J.; Kim, S.-H.; Lee, S.; Lee, D.W.; Kim, D.-G.; Kim, N.D.; Lee, K.-S.; Kim, P.; Yoo, S.J.
2007-07Attenuated pain responses in mice lacking Ca(V)3.2 T-type channelsChoi, S.; Na, H. S.; Kim, J.; Lee, J.; Lee, S.; Kim, D.; Park, J.; Chen, C.-C.; Campbell, K. P.; Shin, H.-S.
2011-05Bezier curve-based path planning for robust waypoint navigation of unmanned ground vehicleLee, S.; Chun, C.; Kwon, T.-B.; Kang, S.
2012-10Carving mesh with deformation for soft tissue removal simulationKim, Y.; Lee, S.; Roy, F.; Lee, D.; Kim, L.; Park, S.
2021-09Chemical constituents from basidiomycete Basidioradulum radula culture medium and their cytotoxic effect on human prostate cancer DU-145 cellsRyu, S.M.; Nguyen, Q.N.; Lee, S.; Kwon, H.; Kwon, J.; Lee, H.; Kwon, S.L.; Lee, J.; Hwang, B.Y.; Yim, J.-H.; Guo, Y.; Kim, J.-J.; Kang, K.S.; Lee, D.
1999-11Control of the intermixing of InGaAs/InGaAsP quantum well in impurity free vacancy disordering by changing NH3 flow rate during the growth of SiNx capping layerChoi, W.J.; Yi, H.T.; Woo, D.H.; Lee, S.; Kim, S.H.; Kang, K.N.; Cho, J.
2019-12-06Creation and annihilation of topological meron pairs in in-plane magnetized filmsGao, N.; Je, S. -G.; Im, M. -Y.; Choi, J. W.; Yang, M.; Li, Q.; Wang, T. Y.; Lee, S.; Han, H. -S.; Lee, K. -S.; Chao, W.; Hwang, C.; Li, J.; Qiu, Z. Q.
2008-02Deficits in social behavior and sensorimotor gating in mice lacking phospholipase C beta 1Koh, H. -Y.; Kim, D.; Lee, J.; Lee, S.; Shin, H. -S.
2006-09Design and simulation of all-optical and gate using XGM in semiconductor optical amplifiers without input additional beamKim, S.H.; Kim, J.H.; Son, C.W.; Kim, G.; Kim, S.H.; Jhon, Y.M.; Lee, S.; Woo, D.H.; Byun, Y.T.
1998-05Design of a force reflecting master arm and master hand using pneumatic actuatorsLee, S.; Park, S.; Kim, M.; Lee, C.-W.
2006-09Design of all-optical multi-functional logic gate in single format by using semiconductor optical amplifiersSon, C.W.; Kim, S.H.; Jhon, Y.M.; Yoon, T.-H.; Lee, S.; Woo, D.H.; Kim, S.H.; Byun, Y.T.
2020-01Design of DNA Origami Diamond Photonic CrystalsPark, S.H.; Park, H.; Hur, K.; Lee, S.
2008-02Detection of a countable number of magnetic particles for biological applications using a Hall deviceKim, Y.; Joo, S.; Lee, W.; Hong, J.; Hong, S. K.; Kim, K. H.; Kim, S. U.; Rhie, K.; Lee, S.; Chung, Y.; Shin, K.
2020-10Development of a pneumatically-driven Growing Sling to assist patient transferChoi, J.; Lee, S.; Kim, J.; Lee, M.; Kim, K.; In, H.
2018-03Direct quantitation of amino acids in human serum using a stepwise-dilution strategy and a mixed-mode liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry methodLee, J.; Lee, S.; Kim, B.; Lee, J.; Kwon, O.-S.; Cha, E.
2021-06Discovery of G Protein-Biased Ligands against 5-HT7RLee, Ji eon; KWAG, RINA; Lee, S.; Doyoung, Kim; Woo, Ji Wan; Cho, Yak dol; Kim, H.J.; Kim, Jeong jin; Jeon, Byungsun; Choo, Hyun ah
2006-06Effects of flocculent aggregates on microfiltration with coagulation pretreatment of high turbidity watersLee, S.; Kweon, J. H.; Choi, Y. H.; Ahn, K. -H.
2004-09Effects of the extracts from Pelvetia siliquosa on metabolism regulation in ratsLee, S.; Lee, Y.S.; Jung, S.H.; Shin, K.H.; Kim, B.-K.
2004-06Effects of the extracts from the marine algae Pelvetia siliquosa on hyperlipidemia in ratsLee, Y.S.; Jung, S.H.; Lee, S.; Shin, K.H.
2021-11-22Enhanced spin-orbit torque in ni81fe19/pt bilayer with ndnio3contactJeong, S.; Lee, J.; Lee, S.; Park, J.; Lee, D.; Jeong, J.; Jang, H.; Park, E.; Jo, Y.; Lee, N.J.; Kim, K.-W.; Park, B.-G.; Lee, S.; Kim, T.H.; Kim, S.