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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-04Ammonium exchange and bioregeneration of bio-flocculated zeolite in a sequencing batch reactorJung, JY; Pak, D; Shin, HS; Chung, YC; Lee, SM
2003-06Charge-discharge induced phase transformation of RuO2 electrode for thin film supercapacitorKim, HK; Seong, TY; Lee, SM; Yoon, YS
2002-08-14Comparative study of the tribological behavior of thermal sprayed quasicrystalline coating layersFleury, E; Kim, YC; Kim, JS; Kim, DH; Kim, WT; Ahn, HS; Lee, SM
2003-02Effect of iodine absorption on the characteristics of syndiotacticity-rich high molecular weight poly(vinyl alcohol) microfibrilDo Ghim, H; Kim, JP; Kwon, IC; Lee, CJ; Lee, J; Kim, SS; Lee, SM; Yoon, WS; Lyoo, WS
2005-02Effect of thermal spray processing techniques on the microstructure and properties of Ni-based amorphous coatingsLee, SM; Moon, BM; Fleury, E; Ahn, HS; Kim, DH; Kim, WT; Sordelet, DJ
2003-05-09Effects of ginsenoside on G protein-coupled inwardly rectifying K+ channel activity expressed in Xenopus oocytesChoi, S; Lee, JH; Kim, YI; Kang, MJ; Rhim, H; Lee, SM; Nah, SY
2003-02Effects of ginsenoside Rg(2) on the 5-HT3A receptor-mediated ion current in Xenopus oocytesChoi, S; Lee, JH; Oh, S; Rhim, H; Lee, SM; Nah, SY
2003-08-01Electrochemical characteristics of Co-Si alloy and multilayer films as anodes for lithium ion microbatteriesKim, YL; Lee, HY; Jang, SW; Lim, SH; Lee, SJ; Baik, HK; Yoon, YS; Lee, SM
2006-05-05Electrochemical characterization of zirconium-doped LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 cathode materials and investigations on deterioration mechanismOh, SH; Lee, SM; Cho, WI; Cho, BW
2005-12Enhanced COD and nitrogen removals for the treatment of swine wastewater by combining submerged membrane bioreactor (MBR) and anaerobic upflow bed filter (AUBF) reactorShin, JH; Lee, SM; Jung, JY; Chung, YC; Noh, SH
2000-07-14Evidence that ginsenosides prevent the development of opioid tolerance at the central nervous systemChoi, S; Jung, SY; Rhim, H; Jeong, SW; Lee, SM; Nah, SY
2004-06Ginseng saponins induce store-operated calcium entry in Xenopus oocytesJeong, SM; Lee, JH; Kim, S; Rhim, H; Lee, BH; Kim, JH; Oh, JW; Lee, SM; Nah, SY
2003-04Growth and properties of completely amorphous vanadium oxide cathode thin film with Pt co-sputtering methodKim, HK; Seong, TY; Lee, SM; Yoon, YS
2005-06High sensitivity evanescent field fiber Bragg grating sensorChryssis, AN; Lee, SM; Lee, SB; Saini, SS; Dagenais, M
1999-04Identification of IY81149 and its metabolites in the rat plasma using the on-line HPLC/ESI mass spectrometryMyung, SW; Min, HK; Jin, C; Kim, M; Lee, SM; Chung, GJ; Park, SJ; Kim, DY; Cho, HW
2006-04Improvement of biodegradability of industrial wastewaters by radiation treatmentJo, HJ; Lee, SM; Kim, HJ; Kim, JG; Choi, JS; Park, YK; Jung, J
1997-06Kinetic study of the imidization of a poly(ester amic acid) by FT-Raman spectroscopySeo, Y; Lee, SM; Kim, DY; Kim, KU
2004-12Manganese superoxide dismutase induced by TNF-alpha is regulated transcriptionally by NF-kappa B after spinal cord injury in ratsYune, TY; Lee, SM; Kim, SJ; Park, HK; Oh, YJ; Kim, YC; Markelonis, GJ; Oh, TH
2000-06Measurement of ammonia inhibition of microbial activity in biological wastewater treatment process using dehydrogenase assayLee, SM; Jung, JY; Chung, YC
2004-11Minocycline inhibits apoptotic cell death via attenuation of TNF-alpha expression following iNOS/NO induction by lipopolysaccharide in neuron/glia co-culturesLee, SM; Yune, TY; Kim, SJ; Kim, YC; Oh, YJ; Markelonis, GJ; Oh, TH
2003-10Minocycline reduces cell death and improves functional recovery after traumatic spinal cord injury in the ratLee, SM; Yune, TY; Kim, SJ; Park, DW; Lee, YK; Kim, YC; Oh, YJ; Markelonis, GJ; Oh, TH
2003-06Nanostructured Ni3Sn2 thin film as anodes for thin film rechargeable lithium batteriesKim, YL; Lee, HY; Jang, SW; Lee, SJ; Baik, HK; Yoon, YS; Park, YS; Lee, SM
2004-03-01New blue electroluminescent n-type polyfluorene copolymers with a 1,3,4-oxadiazole unit in the main chainYang, NC; Lee, SM; Yoo, YM; Kim, JK; Suh, DH
2001-02Novel method for enhancing permeate flux of submerged membrane system in two-phase anaerobic reactorLee, SM; Jung, JY; Chung, YC
2003-06Phase change induced degradation of amorphous vanadium oxide cathode thin film during charge-dischargePark, HY; Lee, SR; Cho, WI; Kim, HK; Lee, SM; Kim, JS; Yoon, YS
2000-05Preparation of monoclonal antibody against ginsenoside Rf and its enzyme immunoassayNah, JJ; Song, JY; Choi, S; Kim, SC; Rhim, HW; Oh, TH; Lee, SM; Nah, SY
2004-12Redox regulation of OxyR requires specific disulfide bond formation involving a rapid kinetic reaction pathLee, CJ; Lee, SM; Mukhopadhyay, P; Kim, SJ; Lee, SC; Ahn, WS; Yu, MH; Storz, G; Ryu, SE
2005-08-15Second-order nonlinear optical activity vs. chromophore content in simple organic glass/PMMA systemLee, SM; Jahng, WS; Lee, JH; Rhee, BK; Park, KH
2002-02Sliding friction and wear behavior of Al-Ni-Co-Si quasicrystalline coatings deposited by the high-velocity oxy-fuel spraying techniqueFleury, E; Kim, YC; Kim, JS; Ahn, HS; Lee, SM; Kim, WT; Kim, DH
2003-02-28Structure of human FIH-1 reveals a unique active site pocket and interaction sites for HIF-1 and von Hippel-LindauLee, C; Kim, SJ; Jeong, DG; Lee, SM; Ryu, SE