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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-1010-GHz harmonically mode-locked fiber ring laser stabilized by cavity length control for over 16 hoursJhon, Young Min; Lee, Seok; Kim, Sun Ho
-8x8 single-walled carbon nanotube transistor arrays for chemical sensorsKim Kyeong Heon; KimSuhyun; Lee, Seok; Kim, Sun Ho; Tae Geun Kim; Byun, Young Tae
2015-02A Context Aware Cooperative Communication Method in Wireless Sensor NetworksKim, Hyunduk; Kim, Chulki; Kim, Jaehun; Seo, Minah; Lee, Seok; Lee, Taikjin
2014-06-01A dome-shaped piezoelectric tactile sensor arrays fabricated by an air inflation techniqueKim, Myoung-Soo; Ahn, Hye-Rin; Lee, Seok; Kim, Chulki; Kim, Yong-Jun
-A flexible removal of the 0-th order diffraction in digital holographyKIM, SUNG KYU; Park, Min Chul; Byun, Young Tae; Lee, Seok; Son, Jung Young
-A High-Performance and Low-Complexity Direct 2-D Inverse-Transform and Inverse-Quantization Architecture for H.264/AVC DecoderJonghyuk Park; Moon Jeon Hak; Lee, Seok; LEESUNGSU
-A LOW-POWER HIGH-SPEED PIPELINED PHASE ACCUMULATOR WITH 2-STAGE PRE-SKEWING REGISTERSYun-Hwan Jung; Jae-Hun Jung; Ju-Eon Kim; Lee Taikjin; Woo, Deok Ha; Lee, Seok; Kwang-Hyun Baek
1999-08-30A Multimode-Interferenced Electrooptic TE/TM Mode splitterLee, Seok
-A novel all optical OR logic gate by using single SOAByun, Young Tae; CHOI KYOUNG SUN; Jhon, Young Min; Woo, Deok Ha; Lee, Seok; Kim, Sun Ho; Jin Woo Park
-A Pedestrian Indoor Positioning System Based on the WI-FI and Walk Patterning Algorithm Using Mobile DeviceLee Jung Ho; Shin Beom-ju; Lee, Seok; Woo, Deok Ha; KIM, JAE HUN; Byun, Young Tae; Ha, Sungdo; Lee Sung Choon; Park Jin Woo; Lee Taik Jin
-A Reliable Data Transport Protocol for Internet-accessible Wireless Sensor NetworksJiwon Yoon; Sungjin Park; Lee, Seok; Hyung Seok Kim
2020-03-15A self-calibrating electrochemical aptasensing platform: Correcting external interference errors for the reliable and stable detection of avian influenza virusesLee, Inae; Kim, Seong-Eun; Lee, Jiho; Woo, Deok Ha; Lee, Seok; Pyo, Heesoo; Song, Chang-Seon; Lee, Joonseok
2015-10A Single-Ended ADC with Split Dual-Capacitive-Array for Multi-Channel SystemsCho, Seong-Jin; Kim, Ju Eon; Shin, Dong Ho; Yoon, Dong-Hyun; Jung, Dong-Kyu; Jeon, Hong Tae; Lee, Seok; Baek, Kwang-Hyun
2014-09A Step Length Estimation based on Motion Recognition and Adaptive Gait Cognition using as SmartphoneLee, Jung Ho; Shin, Beomju; Lee, Seok; Lee, Taikjin; Kim, Jaehun; Kim, Chulki; Park, Jinwoo
-A Step Length Estimation based on Motion Recognition and Adaptive Gait Cognition using as SmartphoneJung Ho Lee; Shin Beom Ju; Lee, Seok; Jinwoo Park; KIM, JAE HUN; Kim Chulki; Lee Taikjin
-A Study on Dynamic Stiffness Design of Frame Structure for Inspection RobotLee Jun Young; LIM JI YOUN; ChangHwan Kim; Lee Taikjin; Lee, Seok; Hong Jae Yim
-A Study on Inspection Robot Wheel to Pass an Obstacle on a Four conductor Transmission LineMoon-young Kim; Lee Jun Young; ChangHwan Kim; Lee, Seok; Hong Jae Yim
1996-07-16A Variation of DC and Microwave Characteristics in Pseudomorphic HEMT's under Optical IlluminationLee, Seok
2013-06A Wireless Monitoring Sub-nA Resolution Test Platform for Nanostructure SensorsJang, Chi Woong; Byun, Young Tae; Lee, Taikjin; Woo, Deok Ha; Lee, Seok; Jhon, Young Min
-Absorption spectroscopy in IR and Terahertz regions using simultaneous supercontinuum and terahertz emitting sourceKIM, JAE HUN; Ryu Hyung suk; LEE JI SOK; Sung Ha Min; IULIIA ZARUBIIEVA; Lee Taik Jin; Lee Hyuk jae; Jhon, Young Min; Woo, Deok Ha; Lee, Seok; Kim, Sun Ho; Seong Chan Jun; Meng-Ku Chen; Shizhuo Yin
-Ag Nanodot Array as a Platform for Surface-Enhanced Raman ScatteringJung, Mi; Kim Seung Kyu; Lee, Seok; KIM, JAE HUN; Woo, Deok Ha
2013-09-10Ag nanodot array as a platform for surface-enhanced Raman scatteringJung, Mi; Kim, Seung Kyu; Lee, Seok; Kim, Jae Hun; Woo, Deok Ha
2001-07-02All Optical Binary Full Adder using SLALOMsLee, Seok
2002-01-01All optical NOR logic gate with wavelength conversion using SOA/DFB-LDKim, Sun Ho; Byun, Young Tae; Woo, Deok Ha; Lee, Seok
2000-11-13All Optical serial-to-parallel and parallel-to-serial Data Converters Based on Mach-Zender InterferometerLee, Seok
-All Optical Signal Processing by SOA CircuitsLee, Seok; Jhon, Young Min; Byun, Young Tae; Woo, Deok Ha; Kim, Sun Ho
2018-03All villi-like metal oxide nanostructures-based chemiresistive electronic nose for an exhaled breath analyzerMoon, Hi Gyu; Jung, Youngmo; Han, Soo Deok; Shim, Young-Seok; Jung, Woo-Suk; Lee, Taikjin; Lee, Seok; Park, Jung Han; Baek, Seung-Hyub; Kim, Jin-Sang; Park, Hyung-Ho; Kim, Chulki; Kang, Chong-Yun
-All-optical 4-bit Gray code to binary coded decimal converterJung Young Jin; Lee, Seok; Namkyoo Park
-All-optical AND gate using XGM in semiconductor optical amplifiers without additional input beam김상헌; Choi Jae Won; KIM, JAE HUN; Byun, Young Tae; Jhon, Young Min; Lee, Seok; Woo, Deok Ha; Kim, Sun Ho