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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-03-27A new synthetic route to (3R,4S)-3-hydroxy-4-phenylazetidin-2-one as a taxol side chain precursorSong, CE; Lee, SW; Roh, EJ; Lee, SG; Lee, WK
2002-04Anticoagulant activity of sulfortated polyrotaxanes as blood-compatible materialsDal Park, H; Lee, WK; Ooya, T; Park, KD; Kim, YH; Yui, N
1995-12Bacterial contamination and its effects on ethanol fermentationChang, IS; Kim, BH; Shin, PK; Lee, WK
1996-02Effects of the redox potential of the acidogenic reactor on the performance of a two-stage methanogenic reactorPhae, CG; Lee, WK; Kim, BH; Koh, JH; Kim, SW
2000-11Heparinized bovine pericardium as a novel cardiovascular bioprosthesisLee, WK; Park, KD; Han, DK; Suh, H; Park, JC; Kim, YH
2005-02High-throughput screening method of inhibitors that block the interaction between 2 helical regions of HIV-1 gp41Jin, BS; Lee, WK; Ahn, K; Lee, MK; Yu, YG
2001-08Immobilization of poly(ethylene glycol) or its sulfonate onto polymer surfaces by ozone oxidationKo, YG; Kim, YH; Park, KD; Lee, HJ; Lee, WK; Park, HD; Kim, SH; Lee, GS; Ahn, DJ
2002-08Improved blood compatibility and decreased VSMC proliferation of surface-modified metal grafted with sulfonated PEG or heparinLee, HJ; Hong, JK; Goo, HC; Lee, WK; Park, KD; Kim, SH; Yoo, YM; Kim, YH
2001-02Improved calcification resistance and biocompatibility of tissue patch grafted with sulfonated PEO or heparin after glutaraldehyde fixationLee, WK; Park, KD; Kim, YH; Suh, H; Park, JC; Lee, JE; Sun, K; Baek, MJ; Kim, HM; Kim, SH
2003-09-01In vitro biocompatibility assessment of sulfonated polyrotaxane-immobilized polyurethane surfacesParl, HD; Lee, WK; Ooya, T; Park, KD; Kim, YH; Yui, N
1998-10-14Mathematical modeling of penicillin G extraction in an emulsion liquid membrane system containing only a surfactant in the membrane phaseLee, SC; Chang, JH; Ahn, BS; Lee, WK
1996-06-12Mathematical modeling of silver extraction by an emulsion liquid membrane processLee, SC; Ahn, BS; Lee, WK
1999-06-01Measurement of cascaded phase shift in MgO : LiNbO3 single crystal by nonlinear ellipsometric methodKim, HK; Lee, WK; Cha, MS; Rhee, BK; Joo, GT
2005-04-08Molecular analysis of the interaction between the intracellular loops of the human serotonin receptor type 6 (5-HT6) and the alpha subunit G(S) proteinKang, HT; Lee, WK; Choi, YH; Vukoti, KM; Bang, WG; Yu, YG
1997-01Novel anti-calcification treatment of biological tissues by grafting of sulphonated poly(ethylene oxide)Park, KD; Lee, WK; Yun, JY; Han, DK; Kim, SH; Kim, YH; Kim, HM; Kim, KT
2004-11Operational factor for nitrite accumulation from a mixed culture by cell-immobilizationLee, WK; Chung, JW; Bae, W; Park, SJ; Kim, Y; Lee, YW; Park, DW
1996-09Platelet adhesion and activation on polyethylene glycol modified polyurethane surfaces - Measurement of cytoplasmic calciumPark, KD; Suzuki, K; Lee, WK; Lee, JE; Kim, YH; Sakurai, Y; Okano, T
1998-05Platelet adhesion onto segmented polyurethane surfaces modified by PEO- and sulfonated PEO-containing block copolymer additivesLee, JH; Ju, YM; Lee, WK; Park, KD; Kim, YH
2000-10Platelet and bacterial repellence on sulfonated poly(ethylene glycol)-acrylate copolymer surfacesLee, HJ; Park, KD; Park, HD; Lee, WK; Han, DK; Kim, SH; Kim, YH
2006-01Purification and characterization of fungal poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) depolymerase from Paecilomyces lilacinus F4-5 and enzymatic degradation of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) filmSang, BI; Lee, WK; Hori, K; Unno, H
2003-11-15Role of sulfonic acids in the Sn-catalyzed transesterification of dimethyl carbonate with phenolLee, H; Kim, SJ; Ahn, BS; Lee, WK; Kim, HS
2001-01Selective production of difluoromethyl methyl ether from chlorodifluoromethane using alkali metal carbonatesLee, HJ; Kim, HS; Lee, SD; Lee, WK; Kim, HG
2004-02-20Supramolecular hydrogel formation based on inclusion complexation between poly(ethylene glycol)-modified chitosan and alpha-cyclodextrinHuh, KM; Cho, YW; Chung, H; Kwon, IC; Jeong, SY; Ooya, T; Lee, WK; Sasaki, S; Yui, N
2001-12Supramolecular-structured hydrogels showing a reversible phase transition by inclusion complexation between poly(ethylene glycol) grafted dextran and alpha-cyclodextrinHuh, KM; Ooya, T; Lee, WK; Sasaki, S; Kwon, Ick Chan; Jeong, Seo Young; Yui, N
2001-10-20Synthesis and SAR of aziridinylquinoline-5,8-diones as agents against malignant tumor cellsYoo, KH; Yoon, EY; Park, YY; Park, SW; Lee, CO; Lee, WK; Chi, DY; Kim, DJ