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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-07A Method for Compensating the Joule-Heating Effects in Current-Induced Domain Wall MotionKim, Duck-Ho; Moon, Kyoung-Woong; Yoo, Sang-Cheol; Min, Byoung-Chul; Shin, Kyung-Ho; Choe, Sug-Bong
2021-02A scalable molecule-based magnetic thin film for spin-thermoelectric energy conversionOh, Inseon; Park, Jungmin; Choe, Daeseong; Jo, Junhyeon; Jeong, Hyeonjung; Jin, Mi-Jin; Jo, Younghun; Suh, Joonki; Min, Byoung-Chul; Yoo, Jung-Woo
2016-04All-electric spin transistor using perpendicular spinsKim, Ji Hoon; Bae, Joohyung; Min, Byoung-Chul; Kim, Hyung-jun; Chang, Joonyeon; Koo, Hyun Cheol
2016-01All-Electrical Measurement of Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction Using Collective Spin-Wave DynamicsLee, Jong Min; Jang, Chaun; Min, Byoung-Chul; Lee, Seo-Won; Lee, Kyung-Jin; Chang, Joonyeon
2014-12Antiferromagnetic exchange interactions among dopant electrons in Si nanowiresMoon, Chang-Youn; Min, Byoung-Chul; Lee, Jung Hoon; Chang, Joonyeon; Choi, Hyoung Joon
2019-05Artifact-free optical spin-orbit torque magnetometryKim, Joo-Sung; Park, Yong-Keun; Whang, Hyun-Seok; Park, Jung-Hyun; Min, Byoung-Chul; Choe, Sug-Bong
2013-12Asymmetric magnetic domain-wall motion by the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactionJe, Soong-Geun; Kim, Duck-Ho; Yoo, Sang-Cheol; Min, Byoung-Chul; Lee, Kyung-Jin; Choe, Sug-Bong
2016-05Asymmetric magnetic proximity effect in a Pd/Co/Pd trilayer systemKim, Dong-Ok; Song, Kyung Mee; Choi, Yongseong; Min, Byoung-Chul; Kim, Jae-Sung; Choi, Jun Woo; Lee, Dong Ryeol
2020-10Binder-assisted electrostatic spray deposition of LiCoO2 and graphite films on coplanar interdigitated electrodes for flexible/wearable lithium-ion batteriesLee, Su Chan; Jeong, Jiwon; Park, Hee Gyum; Min, Byoung-Chul; Jun, Seong Chan; Chung, Kyung Yoon
2022-10Chirality-dependent roughness of magnetic domain wallsYu, Ji-Sung; Kim Dae-Yun; Moon, Joon; Lee, Seong-Hyub; Chang Jun-Young; Kim, Duck-Ho; Min, Byoung-Chul; Choe, Sug-Bong
2018-01Chirality-induced antisymmetry in magnetic domain wall speedKim, Dae-Yun; Park, Min-Ho; Park, Yong-Keun; Kim, Joo-Sung; Nam, Yune-Seok; Kim, Duck-Ho; Je, Soong-Geun; Choi, Hyeok-Cheol; Min, Byoung-Chul; Choe, Sug-Bong
2009-06Consistent Relationship Between the Tunnel Magnetoresistance of CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB Junctions and X-Ray Diffraction PropertiesShin, Il-Jae; Min, Byoung-Chul; Hong, Jin-Pyo; Shin, Kyung-Ho
2020-01Controlling the Magnetic Anisotropy of the van der Waals Ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2 through Hole DopingPark, Se Young; Kim, Dong Seob; Liu, Yu; Hwang, Jinwoong; Kim, Younghak; Kim, Wondong; Kim, Jae -Young; Petrovic, Cedomir; Hwang, Choongyu; Mo, Sung-Kwan; Kim, Hyung-jun; Min, Byoung-Chul; Koo, Hyun Cheol; Chang, Joonyeon; Jang, Chaun; Choi, Jun Woo; Ryu, Hyejin
2010-06CPP Transport Properties of Ni/Ru and Co90Fe10/Cu InterfacesKim, Do Kyun; Lee, Yeon Sub; Nguyen, Hoang Yen Thi; Acharyya, Rakhi; Loloee, Reza; Shin, Kyung-Ho; Kim, Young Keun; Min, Byoung-Chul; Pratt, W. P., Jr.; Bass, Jack
2013-03Critical switching current and thermal stability of magnetic tunnel junctions with uncompensated CoFeB/Ru/CoFeB synthetic free layersLee, Tae Young; Ahn, Chiyui; Min, Byoung-Chul; Shin, Kyung-Ho; Lee, Jong Min; Lee, Kyung-Jin; Lim, Sang Ho; Park, Seung-Young; Jo, Younghun; Langer, Juergen; Ocker, Berthold; Maass, Wolfram
2018-03Current-driven dynamics and inhibition of the skyrmion Hall effect of ferrimagnetic skyrmions in GdFeCo filmsWoo, Seonghoon; Song, Kyung Mee; Zhang, Xichao; Zhou, Yan; Ezawa, Motohiko; Liu, Xiaoxi; Finizio, S.; Raabe, J.; Lee, Nyun Jong; Kim, Sang-Il; Park, Seung-Young; Kim, Younghak; Kim, Jae-Young; Lee, Dongjoon; Lee, OukJae; Choi, Jun Woo; Min, Byoung-Chul; Koo, Hyun Cheol; Chang, Joonyeon
2022-07Detection and Control of the Effective Magnetic Field in a Ca-Doped Bi2Se3 Topological InsulatorPark, Youn Ho; Kim, Sung Jong; Park, Tae-Eon; Kim, Kyoung-Whan; Hruban, Andrzej; Materna, Andrzej; Strzelecka, Stanislawa G.; Min, Byoung-Chul; Kim, Hyung-jun; Koo, Hyun Cheol
2014-11Determination of the energy barrier and spin torque efficiency based on telegraph noiseYun, Sang-Jun; Yoo, Sang-Cheol; Choe, Sug-Bong; Min, Byoung-Chul
2018-05Deterministic creation and deletion of a single magnetic skyrmion observed by direct time-resolved X-ray microscopyWoo, Seonghoon; Song, Kyung Mee; Zhang, Xichao; Ezawa, Motohiko; Zhou, Yan; Liu, Xiaoxi; Weigand, Markus; Finizio, Simone; Raabe, Jorg; Park, Min-Chul; Lee, Ki-Young; Choi, Jun Woo; Min, Byoung-Chul; Koo, Hyun Cheol; Chang, Joonyeon
2018-04Distinct stochasticities between ferromagnetic domain-wall motions driven by magnetic field and electric currentNam, Yune-Seok; Kim, Dae-Yun; Park, Min-Ho; Park, Yong-Keun; Kim, Joo-Sung; Kim, Duck-Ho; Min, Byoung-Chul; Choe, Sug-Bong
2013-03Distinct Universality Classes of Domain Wall Roughness in Two-Dimensional Pt/Co/Pt FilmsMoon, Kyoung-Woong; Kim, Duck-Ho; Yoo, Sang-Cheol; Cho, Cheong-Gu; Hwang, Sungmin; Kahng, Byungnam; Min, Byoung-Chul; Shin, Kyung-Ho; Choe, Sug-Bong
2019-12Effect of Rashba interaction at normal metal/insulator interface on spin-orbit torque of ferromagnet/normal metal/insulator trilayersPark, Eun-Sang; Min, Byoung-Chul; Koo, Hyun Cheol; Kim, Kyoung-Whan; Lee, Kyung-Jin
2012-07Effect of spin relaxation rate on the interfacial spin depolarization in ferromagnet/oxide/semiconductor contactsJeon, Kun-Rok; Min, Byoung-Chul; Park, Youn-Ho; Jo, Young-Hun; Park, Seung-Young; Park, Chang-Yup; Shin, Sung-Chul
2021-04Effect of the spin-orbit interaction at insulator/ferromagnet interfaces on spin-orbit torquesPark, Eun-Sang; Lee, DongJoon; Lee, OukJae; Min, Byoung-Chul; Koo, Hyun Cheol; Kim, Kyoung-Whan; Lee, Kyung-Jin
2021-04Effects of Interfacial Oxidization on Magnetic Damping and Spin-Orbit TorquesLee, DongJoon; Jeong, WonMin; Yun, DeokHyun; Park, Seung-Young; Ju, Byeong-Kwon; Lee, Kyung-Jin; Min, Byoung-Chul; Koo, Hyun Cheol; Lee, OukJae
2009-11Effects of Ru diffusion in exchange-biased MgO magnetic tunnel junctions prepared by in situ annealingShin, Il-Jae; Min, Byoung-Chul; Hong, Jin Pyo; Shin, Kyung-Ho
2013-05Electrical investigation of the oblique Hanle effect in ferromagnet/oxide/semiconductor contactsJeon, Kun-Rok; Min, Byoung-Chul; Park, Youn-Ho; Park, Seung-Young; Shin, Sung-Chul
2011-06Electrical spin accumulation with improved bias voltage dependence in a crystalline CoFe/MgO/Si systemJeon, Kun-Rok; Min, Byoung-Chul; Shin, Il-Jae; Park, Chang-Yup; Lee, Hun-Sung; Jo, Young-Hun; Shin, Sung-Chul
2011-10Electrical spin injection and accumulation in CoFe/MgO/Ge contacts at room temperatureJeon, Kun-Rok; Min, Byoung-Chul; Jo, Young-Hun; Lee, Hun-Sung; Shin, Il-Jae; Park, Chang-Yup; Park, Seung-Young; Shin, Sung-Chul
2020-11Electrical spin transport in a GaAs (110) channelKim, Hansung; Park, Hee Gyum; Min, Byoung-Chul; Han, Suk Hee; Chang, Joonyeon; Kim, Hyung-jun; Koo, Hyun Cheol