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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-12-082DPCA-based method for place classification using range scanPark, S.; Park, S. -K.
1998-083D scanning and level of detail modelling for design and manufacturingFischer, A.; Park, S.
2004-05A Curve-Based Approach for Clean-up MachiningKim, D.-S.; Jun, C.-S.; Park, S.
2004-10A thermo-sensitive hydrogel actuator in dry environmentKim, J.; Kim, S.; Jeong, Y.; Park, S.; Kim, H.C.; Kim, B.; Chun, K.
2008-10Adaptive reinforcement learning for opening a door using mobile manipulator in geometrical uncertaintyKim, B.; Ryu, D.; Park, S.; Kang, S.
2005-10Analysis of fluidic bead cube embedded portable CMOS sensing system for immuno reaction monitoringJeong, Y.; Choi, K.; Park, S.; Kim, J.; Chung, D.S.; Kim, B.; Kim, H.C.; Chun, K.
2008-10-15Angle dependence of planar Hall resistance and anisotropic magnetoresistance of (Ga, Mn)As and Permalloy microdevicesJung, M. H.; Park, S.; Eom, J.; Chun, S. H.; Shin, K.
2021-10-18Anti-Heartbeat-Evoked Potentials Performance in Event-Related Potentials-Based Mental Workload AssessmentPark, S.; Ha, J.; Kim, L.
1994-01Antithrombogenicity of lumbrokinase­immobilized polyurethaneRyu, G.H.; Park, S.; Kim, M.; Han, D.K.; Kim, Y.H.; Min, B.
2018-04Astrocytic water channel aquaporin-4 modulates brain plasticity in both mice and humans: a potential gliogenetic mechanism underlying language-associated learningWoo, J.; Kim, J. E.; Im, J. J.; Lee, J.; Jeong, H. S.; Park, S.; Jung, S-Y; An, H.; Yoon, S.; Lim, S. M.; Lee, S.; Ma, J.; Shin, E. Y.; Han, Y-E; Kim, B.; Lee, E. H.; Feng, L.; Chun, H.; Yoon, B-E; Kang, I.; Dager, S. R.; Lyoo, I. K.; Lee, C. J.
2007-06Cardiomyocytes self-powered polymer microrobotKim, J.; Yang, S.; Baek, J.; Chun, K.; Kim, H.C.; Yoon, E.-S.; Park, S.
2012-10Carving mesh with deformation for soft tissue removal simulationKim, Y.; Lee, S.; Roy, F.; Lee, D.; Kim, L.; Park, S.
2007-01Cell migration driven by a mechanical stiffness gradientHong, J.; Kim, J.; Park, S.; Cha, M.; Lee, J.; Baek, J.
2014-12Center of pressure of a human body using force sensing resistorPark, C.; Park, S.; Kim, C.H.
2008-10Coarse-to-fine vision-based localization for mobile robots using an object and spatial layout-based hybrid mapPark, S.; Kim, S.; Park, S.-K.
1992-01Computer integrated mould manufacturingKang, M.; Park, S.; Hong, Y.-S.
2004-09Design and fabrication of a Bio-Material Property Measurement systemKwon, J.; Park, S.; Lee, M.G.; Kim, Y.-I.; Kim, B.; Park, J.-O.; Park, J.-H.
2021-11Design methodology for mass transfer-enhanced large-scale electrochemical reactor for CO2 reductionJung, B.; Park, S.; Lim, C.; Lee, W.H.; Lim, Y.; Na, J.; Lee, C.-J.; Oh, H.-S.; Lee, U.
1998-05Design of a force reflecting master arm and master hand using pneumatic actuatorsLee, S.; Park, S.; Kim, M.; Lee, C.-W.
2018-06Design of a mandibular advancement device for patients with partial denturesPark, S.-M.; Park, S.; Chio, H.; Kim, L.; Lee, S.H.; Noh, G.
2021-10Design process of patient-specific osteosynthesis plates using topology optimizationPark, S.-M.; Park, S.; Park, J.; Choi, M.; Kim, L.; Noh, G.
1993-01Determining the cutting conditions for sculptured surface machiningPark, S.; Jun, Y.-T.; Lee, C.-W.; Yang, M.-Y.
2018-02-18Development of a Self-supporting Microporous Layer on a Metal Mesh for Carbon Backing-free Cathodes in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel CellsJoo, D.; Jin, S. M.; Jang, J. H.; Park, S.
2021-12Differences in the Electrochemical Performance of Pt-Based Catalysts Used for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells in Liquid Half- And Full-CellsAhn, C.-Y.; Park, J.E.; Kim, S.; Kim, O.-H.; Hwang, W.; Her, M.; Kang, S.Y.; Park, S.; Kwon, O.J.; Park, H.S.; Cho, Y.-H.; Sung, Y.-E.
2023-06Direct interface engineering using dopant of hole transport layer for efficient inorganic perovskite solar cellsPark, S.; Lee, C.; Lee, C.; Kim, T.; Ko, Y.; Jun, Yongseok
2013E-CORE (Embodied COgnitive REhabilitation): A cognitive rehabilitation system using tangible tabletop interfaceJung, J.; Kim, L.; Park, S.; Kwon, G.H.
2019-06-21Electronic band dispersion determination in azimuthally disordered transition-metal dichalcogenide monolayersPark, S.; Schultz, T.; Han, A.; Aljarb, A.; Xu, X.; Beyer, P.; Opitz, A.; Ovsyannikov, R.; Li, L-J; Meissner, M.; Yamaguchi, T.; Kera, S.; Amsalem, P.; Koch, N.
2007-05Enhanced tribological properties of lotus leaf-like surfaces fabricated by capillary force lithographySingh, R. A.; Yoon, E.-S.; Kim, H. J.; Kong, H.; Park, S.; Jeong, H. E.; Suh, K. Y.
2021-09Heat and pressure-assisted soft lithography for size-tunable nanoscale structuresKim, W.; Park, S.; Gwon, Y.; Kim, H.N.; Kim, J.
2017-02Identification of flavonoids from extracts of Opuntia ficus-indica var. Saboten and content determination of marker components using HPLC-PDAPark, S.; Kang, D.H.; Jin, C.; Kim, H.J.