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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-27A Bioinspired Scaffold with Anti-Inflammatory Magnesium Hydroxide and Decellularized Extracellular Matrix for Renal Tissue RegenerationLih, Eugene; Park, Wooram; Park, Ki Wan; Chun, So Young; Kim, Hyuncheol; Joung, Yoon Ki; Kwon, Tae Gyun; Hubbell, Jeffrey A.; Han, Dong Keun
2024-05An electro-ferroptotic nanoammunition enables image-guided, spatiotemporally controlled cancer ferroptosis induction via irreversible electroporationHan, Jun-Hyeok; Seo, Hee Seung; Lee, Jiyoung; Chen, Zheng; Wang, Qiyue; Lee, Yun Young; Lee, Na Kyeong; Kang, Jeon Min; Kim, Song Hee; Hong, Hwichan; Park, Jung-Hoon; Piao, Yuanzhe; Li, Fangyuan; Na, Kun; Park, Chun Gwon; Park, Wooram; Ling, Daishun
2018-11Biodegradable sheath-core biphasic monofilament braided stent for bio-functional treatment of esophageal stricturesHan, Cheol-Min; Lih, Eugene; Choi, Seul-Ki; Bedair, Tarek M.; Lee, Young-Jae; Park, Wooram; Han, Dong Keun; Son, Jun Sik; Joung, Yoon Ki
2024-04Biofunctional Inorganic Layered Double Hydroxide Nanohybrid Enhances Immunotherapeutic Effect on Atopic Dermatitis TreatmentByun, Min Ji; Seo, Hee Seung; Lee, Joonghak; Ban, Kitae; Oh, Serim; Lee, Yun Young; Lim, Jaesung; Lee, Na Kyeong; Wang, Chi-Pin James; Kim, Minjeong; Han, Jun-Hyeok; Park, Juwon; Paik, Taejong; Park, Hee Ho; Park, Tae-Eun; Park, Wooram; Kim, Se-Na; Park, Dae-Hwan; Park, Chun Gwon
2019-02Covalent immobilization of fibroblast-derived matrix on metallic stent for expeditious re-endothelializationBedair, Tarek M.; Min, Ii Jae; Park, Wooram; Park, Bang Ju; Joung, Yoon Ki; Han, Dong Keun
2018-07Dual-Layer Coated Drug-Eluting Stents with Improved Degradation Morphology and Controlled Drug ReleaseBedair, Tarek M.; Park, Wooram; Park, Bang-Ju; Moon, Myoung-Woon; Lee, Kwang-Ryeol; Joung, Yoon Ki; Han, Dong Keun
2018-03Effect of various shaped magnesium hydroxide particles on mechanical and biological properties of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) compositesJang, Hye Jung; Park, Sung-Bin; Bedair, Tarek M.; Oh, Min-Kyu; Ahn, Dong-June; Park, Wooram; Joung, Yoon Ki; Han, Dong Keun
2024-03Enhanced Postsurgical Cancer Treatment Using Methacrylated Glycol Chitosan Hydrogel for Sustained DNA/Doxorubicin Delivery and ImmunotherapySeo, Hee Seung; Han, Jun-Hyeok; Lim, Jaesung; Bae, Ga-Hyun; Byun, Min Ji; Wang, Chi -Pin James; Han, Jieun; Park, Juwon; Park, Hee Ho; Shin, Mikyung; Park, Tae-Eun; Kim, Tae-Hyung; Kim, Se-Na; Park, Wooram; Park, Chun Gwon
2024-03Enhancing CAR-NK Cells Against Solid Tumors Through Chemical and Genetic Fortification with DOTAP-Functionalized Lipid NanoparticlesShin, Ha Eun; Han, Jun-Hyeok; Park, Joo Dong; Park, Minji; Han, Jieun; Kang, Min-Ho; Lee, Jung Seung; Park, Chun Gwon; Park, Juwon; Kim, Hyun-Young; Cho, Duck; Park, Wooram
2020-07-15Late endothelial progenitor cell-capture stents with CD146 antibody and nanostructure reduce in-stent restenosis and thrombosisPark, Kwang-Sook; Kang, Sung Nam; Kim, Dae Hwan; Kim, Han-Byual; Im, Kyung Seob; Park, Wooram; Hong, Young Joon; Han, Dong Keun; Joung, Yoon Ki
2018-07Modified Magnesium Hydroxide Nanoparticles Inhibit the Inflammatory Response to Biodegradable Poly(lactide-co-glycolide) ImplantsLih, Eugene; Kum, Chang Hun; Park, Wooram; Chun, So Young; Cho, Youngjin; Joung, Yoon Ki; Park, Kwang-Sook; Hong, Young Joon; Ahn, Dong June; Kim, Byung-Soo; Kwon, Tae Gyun; Jeong, Myung Ho; Hubbell, Jeffrey A.; Han, Dong Keun
2019-09-01Persulfated flavonoids accelerated re-endothelialization and improved blood compatibility for vascular medical implantsBedair, Tarek M.; Bedair, Hanan M.; Ko, Kyoung-Won; Park, Wooram; Joung, Yoon Ki; Han, Dong Keun
2018-09Sustained drug release using cobalt oxide nanowires for the preparation of polymer-free drug-eluting stentsBedair, Tarek M.; Min, Il Jae; Park, Wooram; Joung, Yoon Ki; Han, Dong Keun
2019-01-01Synergistically enhanced osteoconductivity and anti-inflammation of PLGA/beta-TCP/Mg(OH)(2) composite for orthopedic applicationsLee, Seul Ki; Han, Cheol-Min; Park, Wooram; Kim, Ik Hwan; Joung, Yoon Ki; Han, Dong Keun
2020-07Tumor Microenvironment Targeting Nano-Bio Emulsion for Synergistic Combinational X-Ray PDT with Oncolytic Bacteria TherapyPark, Wooram; Cho, Soojeong; Kang, Dongkyu; Han, Jun-Hyeok; Park, Jung-Hoon; Lee, Byeongdu; Lee, Joonseok; Kim, Dong-Hyun
2018-06Versatile effects of magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles in PLGA scaffold-mediated chondrogenesisPark, Kwang-Sook; Kim, Byoung-Ju; Lih, Eugene; Park, Wooram; Lee, Soo-Hong; Joung, Yoon Ki; Han, Dong Keun