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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01An open-source deep learning model for predicting effluent concentration in capacitive deionizationSon, Moon; Yoon, Nakyung; Park, Sanghun; Abbas, Ather; Cho, Kyung Hwa
2024-08Artificial neural network modeling for the oxidation kinetics of divalent manganese ions during chlorination and the role of arsenite ions in the binary/ternary systemsLiao, Ziqiao; Choi, Kungwon; Ullah, Zahid; Son, Moon; Ahn, Yongtae; Khan, Moonis Ali; Prabhu, Subbaiah Muthu; Jeon, Byong-Hun
2023-10Clustering micropollutants and estimating rate constants of sorption and biodegradation using machine learning approachesLim, Seung Ji; Seo, Jangwon; Seid, Mingizem Gashaw; Lee, Jiho; Ejerssa, Wondesen Workneh; Lee, Doo-Hee; Jeong, Eunhoo; Chae, Sung Ho; Lee, Yunho; Son, Moon; Hong, Seok Won
2023-07Comparison of tree-based model with deep learning model in predicting effluent pH and concentration by capacitive deionizationUllah, Zahid; Yoon, Nakyung; Tarus, Bethwel Kipchirchir; Park, Sanghun; Son, Moon
2022-12Deep reinforcement learning in an ultrafiltration system: Optimizing operating pressure and chemical cleaning conditionsPark, Sanghun; Shim, Jaegyu; Yoon, Nakyung; Lee, Sungman; Kwak, Donggeun; Lee, Seungyong; Kim, Young Mo; Son, Moon; Cho, Kyung Hwa
2024-10Desalination performance in versatile capacitive/battery deionization configurations using a cation intercalating electrodeTarus, Bethwel Kipchirchir; Ullah, Zahid; Jande, Yusufu A. C.; Njau, Karoli N.; Byun, Jeehye; Son, Moon
2024-07Determining water and solute permeability of reverse osmosis membrane using a data-driven machine learning pipelineChae, Sung Ho; Hong, Seok Won; Son, Moon; Cho, Kyung Hwa
2023-10Energy storage capability of seawater batteries for intermittent power generation systems: Conceptualization and modelingPark, Sanghun; Yoon, Nakyung; Ullah, Zahid; Tarus, Bethwel Kipchirchir; Choi, Byeongwook; Kim, Hoo Hugo; Son, Moon
2023-09Explainable deep learning model for membrane capacitive deionization operated under fouling conditionsYoon, Nakyung; Lee, Suin; Park, Sanghun; Son, Moon; Cho, Kyung Hwa
2023-12Influence of organic matter on seawater battery desalination performanceKim, Sukyoung; Shim, Jaegyu; Son, Moon; Park, Sanghun; Cho, Kyung Hwa
2022-08Membrane capacitive deionization model including fouling indexes obtained via real-time fouling layer measurementsYoon, Nakyung; Park, Sanghun; Shim, Jaegyu; Lee, Jongbin; Son, Moon; Cho, Kyung Hwa
2024-09Metadata and feature importance analyses of membrane capacitive deionization models: Is a water treatment artificial intelligence panacea possible?Chae, Sung Ho; Hong, Seok Won; Son, Moon
2023-12Metal-organic framework-based composites for biogas and natural gas uptake: An overview of adsorption and storage mechanisms of gaseous fuelsYusuf, Mohammed; Kumar, Ramesh; Khan, Moonis Ali; Ahmed, M. J.; Otero, Marta; Prabhu, Subbaiah Muthu; Son, Moon; Hwang, Jae-Hoon; Lee, Woo Hyoung; Jeon, Byong-Hun
2023-02Opportunities and challenges of machine learning in bioprocesses: Categorization from different perspectives and future directionLim, Seung Ji; Son, Moon; Ki, Seo Jin; Suh, Sang-Ik; Chung, Jaeshik
2024-08Performance investigation of osmotically assisted reverse osmosis using explainable machine learning models: A comparative studyChae, Sung Ho; Moon, Seokyoon; Hong, Seok Won; Lee, Chulmin; Son, Moon
2022-12Physically-assisted removal of organic fouling by osmotic backwashing coupled with chemical cleaningPark, Sanghun; Son, Moon; Shim, Jaegyu; Jeong, Kwanho; Cho, Kyung Hwa
2022-09Predicting the salt adsorption capacity of different capacitive deionization electrodes using random forestPark, Sanghun; Angeles, Anne Therese; Son, Moon; Shim, Jaegyu; Chon, Kangmin; Cho, Kyung Hwa
2023-09Robust and fouling-resistant ultrathin membranes for water purification tailored via semi-dissolved electrospun nanofibersYanar, Numan; Liang, Yejin; Yang, Eunmok; Kim, Minbeom; Kim, Hyeonseo; Byun, Jaehyun; Son, Moon; Choi, Heechul
2022-01Seawater battery desalination with a reverse osmosis membrane for simultaneous brine treatment and energy storagePark, Sanghun; Kim, Namhyeok; Kim, Youngsik; Son, Moon; Cho, Kyung Hwa
2023-08Sustainable recovery of high-valued resources from spent lithium-ion batteries: A review of the membrane-integrated hybrid approachKumar, Ramesh; Chakrabortty, Sankha; Chakrabortty, Prasenjit; Nayak, Jayato; Liu, Chengjia; Khan, Moonis Ali; Ha, Geon-Soo; Kim, Kwang Ho; Son, Moon; Roh, Hyun-Seog; Tripathy, Suraj K.; Jeon, Byong-Hun