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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07-11A 4V Li-Ion Battery using All-Spinel-Based ElectrodesIslam, Mobinul; Jeong, Min-Gi; Ali, Ghulam; Oh, In-Hwan; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Sun, Yang-Kook; Jung, Hun-Gi
2015-11A high-capacity Li[Ni0.8Co0.06Mn0.14]O-2 positive electrode with a dual concentration gradient for next-generation lithium-ion batteriesPark, Kang-Joon; Lim, Byung-Beom; Choi, Moon-Ho; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook; Haro, Marta; Vicente, Nuria; Bisquert, Juan; Garcia-Belmonte, Germa
2019-10-07A new P2-type layered oxide cathode with superior full-cell performances for K-ion batteriesHwang, Jang-Yeon; Kim, Jongsoon; Yu, Tae-Yeon; Jung, Hun-Gi; Kim, JaeKook; Kim, Kwang-Ho; Sun, Yang-Kook
2012-08A Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of the Electrochemical Process of Lithium-Oxygen CellsJung, Hun-Gi; Kim, Hee-Soo; Park, Jin-Bum; Oh, In-Hwan; Hassoun, Jusef; Yoon, Chong Seung; Scrosati, Bruno; Sun, Yang-Kook
2021-10Ambilaterality of RM towards O-1(2) in Li-O-2 Batteries: Trap and QuencherLee, Hyun-Wook; Kim, Hun; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook; Kwak, Won-Jin
2023-10An argyrodite sulfide coated NCM cathode for improved interfacial contact in normal-pressure operational all-solid-state batteriesKim, Jun Tae; Shin, Hyeon-Ji; Kim, A-Yeon; Oh, Hyeonseong; Kim, Hun; Yu, Seungho; Kim, Hyoungchul; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Kim, Jongsoon; Sun, Yang-Kook; Jung, Hun-Gi
2014-02Anatase Titania Nanorods as an Intercalation Anode Material for Rechargeable Sodium BatteriesKim, Ki-Tae; Ali, Ghulam; Chung, Kung Yoon; Yoon, Chong Seung; Yashiro, Hitoshi; Sun, Yang-Kook; Lu, Jun; Amine, Khalil; Myung, Seung-Taek
2013-11Assembling metal oxide nanocrystals into dense, hollow, porous nanoparticles for lithium-ion and lithium-oxygen battery applicationMing, Jun; Wu, Yingqiang; Park, Jin-Bum; Lee, Joong Kee; Zhao, Fengyu; Sun, Yang-Kook
2019-02Carbon-Free TiO2 Microspheres as Anode Materials for Sodium Ion BatteriesHwang, Jang-Yeon; Du, Hoang-Long; Yun, Bin-Na; Jeong, Min-Gi; Kim, Ji-Su; Kim, Hyoungchul; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2017-12Controversial Topics on Lithium Superoxide in Li-O-2 BatteriesKwak, Won-Jin; Park, Jin-Bum; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2017-04-15Cu3Si-doped porous-silicon particles prepared by simplified chemical vapor deposition method as anode material for high-rate and long cycle lithium-ion batteriesWoo, Jae-Young; Kim, A. -Young; Kim, Min Kyu; Lee, Sang-Hyup; Sun, Yang-Kook; Liu, Guicheng; Lee, Joong Kee
2019-03Deactivation of redox mediators in lithium-oxygen batteries by singlet oxygenKwak, Won-Jin; Kim, Hun; Petit, Yann K.; Leypold, Christian; Trung Thien Nguyen; Mahne, Nika; Redfern, Paul; Curtiss, Larry A.; Jung, Hun-Gi; Borisov, Sergey M.; Freunberger, Stefan A.; Sun, Yang-Kook
2024-06Experimental and computational optimization of Prussian blue analogues as high-performance cathodes for sodium-ion batteries: A reviewOh, Gwangeon; Kim, Junghoon; Kansara, Shivam; Kang, Hyokyeong; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook; Hwang, Jang-Yeon
2022-05Geometrical engineering of a SPAN-graphene composite cathode for practical Li-S batteriesKim, Hun; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Bang, Sangin; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2020-07-21High-energy O3-Na1-2xCax[Ni0.5Mn0.5]O(2)cathodes for long-life sodium-ion batteriesYu, Tae-Yeon; Kim, Jongsoon; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Kim, Hyungsub; Han, Geumjae; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2019-05-15High-performance Ti-doped O3-type Na[Ti-x(Ni0.6Co0.2Mn0.2)(1-x)]O-2 cathodes for practical sodium-ion batteriesYu, Tae-Yeon; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Bae, In Tae; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2018-09-05Improved Cycling Stability of Li[Ni0.90Co0.05Mn0.05]O-2 Through Microstructure Modification by Boron Doping for Li-Ion BatteriesPark, Kang-Joon; Jung, Hun-Gi; Kuo, Liang-Yin; Kaghazchi, Payam; Yoon, Chong S.; Sun, Yang-Kook
2017-02-14Improved electrochemical performance of boron-doped carbon-coated lithium titanate as an anode material for sodium-ion batteriesYun, Bin-Na; Du, Hoang Long; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2013-06Influence of Temperature on Lithium-Oxygen Battery BehaviorPark, Jin-Bum; Hassoun, Jusef; Jung, Hun-Gi; Kim, Hee-Soo; Yoon, Chong Seung; Oh, In-Hwan; Scrosati, Bruno; Sun, Yang-Kook
2008-09-30Investigation of anode-supported SOFC with cobalt-containing cathode and GDC interlayerJung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook; Jung, Hwa Young; Park, Jong Sung; Kim, Hae-Ryoung; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Lee, Hae-Weon; Lee, Jong-Ho
2016-07Li-O-2 cells with LiBr as an electrolyte and a redox mediatorKwak, Won-Jin; Hirshberg, Daniel; Sharon, Daniel; Afri, Michal; Frimer, Aryeh A.; Jung, Hun-Gi; Aurbach, Doron; Sun, Yang-Kook
2023-12Limitation of Ni-rich layered cathodes in all-solid-state lithium batteriesYu, Tae-Yeon; Lee, Han-Uk; Lee, Jin Wook; Park, Sung-Min; Lee, In-Su; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2020-03-21Limited effects of a redox mediator in lithium-oxygen batteries: indecomposable by-productsKim, Hun; Kwak, Won-Jin; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2021-03Lithium-Substituted Tunnel/Spinel Heterostructured Cathode Material for High-Performance Sodium-Ion BatteriesLiang, Xinghui; Kim, Hun; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2021-06-11Long-Lasting Solid Electrolyte Interphase for Stable Li-Metal BatteriesLee, Seon Hwa; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Ming, Jun; Kim, Hun; Jung, Hun-Gi; Sun, Yang-Kook
2013-07Magnetism in Lithium-Oxygen Discharge ProductLu, Jun; Jung, Hun-Ji; Lau, Kah Chun; Zhang, Zhengcheng; Schlueter, John A.; Du, Peng; Assary, Rajeev S.; Greeley, Jeffrey; Ferguson, Glen A.; Wang, Hsien-Hau; Hassoun, Jusef; Iddir, Hakim; Zhou, Jigang; Zuin, Lucia; Hu, Yongfeng; Sun, Yang-Kook; Scrosati, Bruno; Curtiss, Larry A.; Amine, Kahlil
2021-11Multiscale Understanding of Covalently Fixed Sulfur-Polyacrylonitrile Composite as Advanced Cathode for Metal-Sulfur BatteriesAhmed, Mohammad Shamsuddin; Lee, Suyeong; Agostini, Marco; Jeong, Min-Gi; Jung, Hun-Gi; Ming, Jun; Sun, Yang-Kook; Kim, Jaekook; Hwang, Jang-Yeon
2019-11Mutual Conservation of Redox Mediator and Singlet Oxygen Quencher in Lithium-Oxygen BatteriesKwak, Won-Jin; Freunberger, Stefan A.; Kim, Hun; Park, Jiwon; Trung Thien Nguyen; Jung, Hun-Gi; Byon, Hye Ryung; Sun, Yang-Kook
2015-07NaCrO2 cathode for high-rate sodium-ion batteriesYu, Chan-Yeop; Park, Jae-Sang; Jung, Hun-Gi; Chung, Kyung-Yoon; Aurbach, Doron; Sun, Yang-Kook; Myung, Seung-Taek
2020-01Nano/Microstructured Silicon-Carbon Hybrid Composite Particles Fabricated with Corn Starch Biowaste as Anode Materials for Li-Ion BatteriesKwon, Hyun Jung; Hwang, Jang-Yeon; Shin, Hyeon-Ji; Jeong, Min-Gi; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Sun, Yang-Kook; Jung, Hun-Gi