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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04-06A Chemical Controller of SNARE-Driven Membrane Fusion That Primes Vesicles for Ca2+-Triggered Millisecond ExocytosisHeo, Paul; Yang, Yoosoo; Han, Kyu Young; Kong, Byoungjae; Shin, Jong-Hyeok; Jung, Younghoon; Jeong, Cherlhyun; Shin, Jaeil; Shin, Yeon-Kyun; Ha, Taekjip; Kweon, Dae-Hyuk
2021-07-27A Trojan-Horse Strategy by In Situ Piggybacking onto Endogenous Albumin for Tumor-Specific Neutralization of Oncogenic MicroRNAKwak, Gijung; Kim, Hyosuk; Park, Jooho; Kim, Eun Hye; Jang, Hochung; Han, Geonhee; Wang, Sun Young; Yang, Yoosoo; Kwon, Ick Chan; Kim, Sun Hwa
2015-08-25Amyloid-beta Oligomers May Impair SNARE-Mediated Exocytosis by Direct Binding to Syntaxin 1aYang, Yoosoo; Kim, Jaewook; Kim, Hye Yun; Ryoo, Nayeon; Lee, Sejin; Kim, YoungSoo; Rhim, Hyewhon; Shin, Yeon-Kyun
2019-07An optimized protocol to determine the engulfment of cancer cells by phagocytes using flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopyNam, Gi-Hoon; Hong, Yeonsun; Choi, Yoonjeong; Kim, Gi Beom; Kim, Yoon Kyoung; Yang, Yoosoo; Kim, In-San
2014-10-07Beta-Amyloid Oligomers Activate Apoptotic BAK Pore for Cytochrome c ReleaseKim, Jaewook; Yang, Yoosoo; Song, Seung Soo; Na, Jung-Hyun; Oh, Kyoung Joon; Jeong, Cherlhyun; Yu, Yeon Gyu; Shin, Yeon-Kyun
2019-06-21Boiling Histotripsy-induced Partial Mechanical Ablation Modulates Tumour Microenvironment by Promoting Immunogenic Cell Death of CancersPahk, Ki Joo; Shin, Cheol-Hee; Bae, In Yeong; Yang, Yoosoo; Kim, Sang-Heon; Pahk, Kisoo; Kim, Hyungmin; Oh, Seung Ja
2022-04Bovine colostrum derived-exosomes prevent dextran sulfate sodium-induced intestinal colitis via suppression of inflammation and oxidative stressHan, Geonhee; Cho, Haeun; Kim, Hyosuk; Jang, Yeongji; Jang, Hochung; Kim, Da Eun; Kim, Eun Sun; Kim, Eun Hye; Hwang, Kwang Yeon; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Yang, Yoosoo; Kim, Sun Hwa
2017-11-28Cancer-derived exosomes as a delivery platform of CRISPR/Cas9 confer cancer cell tropism-dependent targetingKim, Seung Min; Yang, Yoosoo; Oh, Seung Ja; Hong, Yeonsun; Seo, Minkoo; Jang, Mihue
2018-06Combined Rho-kinase inhibition and immunogenic cell death triggers and propagates immunity against cancerNam, Gi-Hoon; Lee, Eun Jung; Kim, Yoon Kyoung; Hong, Yeonsun; Choi, Yoonjeong; Ryu, Myung-Jeom; Woo, Jiwan; Cho, Yakdol; Ahn, Dong June; Yang, Yoosoo; Kwon, Ick-Chan; Park, Seung-Yoon; Kim, In-San
2018-06-10Comparison of exosomes and ferritin protein nanocages for the delivery of membrane protein therapeuticsCho, Eunji; Nam, Gi-Hoon; Hong, Yeonsun; Kim, Yoon Kyoung; Kim, Dong-Hwee; Yang, Yoosoo; Kim, In-San
2019-12Degradation of tumour stromal hyaluronan by small extracellular vesicle-PH20 stimulates CD103(+) dendritic cells and in combination with PD-L1 blockade boosts anti-tumour immunityHong, Yeonsun; Kim, Yoon Kyoung; Kim, Gi Beom; Nam, Gi-Noon; Kim, Seong A.; Park, Yoon; Yang, Yoosoo; Kim, In-San
2020-03Dendritic cell activation by an E. coli-derived monophosphoryl lipid A enhances the efficacy of PD-1 blockadeJeong, Youngmin; Kim, Gi Beom; Ji, Yuhyun; Kwak, Gi-Jung; Nam, Gi-Hoon; Hong, Yeonsun; Kim, Seohyun; An, Jinsu; Kim, Sun Hwa; Yang, Yoosoo; Chung, Hak Suk; Kim, In-San
2024-03Design of PD-L1-Targeted Lipid Nanoparticles to Turn on PTEN for Efficient Cancer TherapyKim, Yelee; Choi, Jiwoong; Kim, Eun Hye; Park, Wonbeom; Jang, Hochung; Jang, Yeongji; Chi, Sung-Gil; Kweon, Dae-Hyuk; Lee, Kyuri; Kim, Sun Hwa; Yang, Yoosoo
2023-10Design of siRNA Bioconjugates for Efficient Control of Cancer-Associated Membrane ReceptorsLee, Jong Won; Choi, Jiwoong; Kim, Eun Hye; Choi, Jiwon; Kim, Sun Hwa; Yang, Yoosoo
2018-10Designed trimer-mimetic TNF superfamily ligands on self-assembling nanocagesKih, Minwoo; Lee, Eun Jung; Lee, Na Kyeong; Kim, Yoon Kyoung; Lee, Kyung Eun; Jeong, Cherlhyun; Yang, Yoosoo; Kim, Dong-Hwee; Kim, In-San
2020-02Development of microRNA-21 mimic nanocarriers for the treatment of cutaneous woundsWang, Sun Young; Kim, Hyosuk; Kwak, Gijung; Jo, Sung Duk; Cho, Daeho; Yang, Yoosoo; Kwon, Ick Chan; Jeong, Ji Hoon; Kim, Sun Hwa
2015-11Display of membrane proteins on the heterologous caveolae carved by caveolin-1 in the Escherichia coli cytoplasmShin, Jonghyeok; Jung, Young-Hun; Cho, Da-Hyeong; Park, Myungseo; Lee, Kyung Eun; Yang, Yoosoo; Jeong, Cherlhyun; Sung, Bong Hyun; Sohn, Jung-Hoon; Park, Jin-Byung; Kweon, Dae-Hyuk
2015-10-02Dynamic light scattering analysis of SNARE-driven membrane fusion and the effects of SNARE-binding flavonoidsYang, Yoosoo; Heo, Paul; Kong, Byoungjae; Park, Jun-Bum; Jung, Young-Hun; Shin, Jonghyeok; Jeong, Cherlhyun; Kweon, Dae-Hyuk
2015-04Engineered protein nanocage for targeted delivery of siRNA to cancer cellsLee, Eun Jung; Yang, Yoosoo; Lee, Jeewon; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Kim, In-san
2018-09Engineering nanoparticle strategies for effective cancer immunotherapyYoon, Hong Yeol; SeIvan, Subramanian Tamil; Yang, Yoosoo; Kim, Min Ju; Yi, Dong Kee; Kwon, Ick Chan; Kim, Kwangmeyung
2018-04Exosome as a vehicle for delivery of membrane protein therapeutics, PH20 for enhanced tumor penetration and anti-tumor efficacyYang, Yoosoo; Hong, Yeonsun; Kim, In-san; Nam, Gihoon; Kim, Gi Beom
2018-01-31Exosome as a Vehicle for Delivery of Membrane Protein Therapeutics, PH20, for Enhanced Tumor Penetration and Antitumor EfficacyHong, Yeonsun; Nam, Gi-Hoon; Koh, Eunee; Jeon, Sangmin; Kim, Gi Beom; Jeong, Cherlhyun; Kim, Dong-Hwee; Yang, Yoosoo; Kim, In-San
2019-10Exosome-Guided Phenotypic Switch of M1 to M2 Macrophages for Cutaneous Wound HealingKim, Hyosuk; Wang, Sun Young; Kwak, Gijung; Yang, Yoosoo; Kwon, Ick Chan; Kim, Sun Hwa
2017-03Exosome-SIRP alpha, a CD47 blockade increases cancer cell phagocytosisKoh, Eunee; Lee, Eun Jung; Nam, Gi-Hoon; Hong, Yeonsun; Cho, Eunji; Yang, Yoosoo; Kim, In-San
2021-01Exosomes: Cell-Derived Nanoplatforms for the Delivery of Cancer TherapeuticsKim, Hyosuk; Kim, Eun Hye; Kwak, Gijung; Chi, Sung-Gil; Kim, Sun Hwa; Yang, Yoosoo
2018-03Extracellular vesicles as a platform for membrane-associated therapeutic protein deliveryYang, Yoosoo; Hong, Yeonsun; Cho, Eunji; Kim, Gi Beom; Kim, In-San
2021-05Extracellular Vesicles as Potential Theranostic Platforms for Skin Diseases and AgingKim, Hyosuk; Lee, Jong Won; Han, Geonhee; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Yang, Yoosoo; Kim, Sun Hwa
2021-06Extracellular Vesicles as Potential Therapeutics for Inflammatory DiseasesHwang, Hee Sook; Kim, Hyosuk; Han, Geonhee; Lee, Jong Won; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Kwon, Ick Chan; Yang, Yoosoo; Kim, Sun Hwa
2017-12-10Ferritin nanocage with intrinsically disordered proteins and affibody: A platform for tumor targeting with extended pharmacokineticsLee, Na Kyeong; Lee, Eun Jung; Kim, Soyoun; Nam, Gi-hoon; Kih, Minwoo; Hong, Yeonsun; Jeong, Cherlhyun; Yang, Yoosoo; Byun, Youngro; Kim, In-San
2017-12Harnessing designed nanoparticles: Current strategies and future perspectives in cancer immunotherapyJo, Sung Duk; Nam, Gi-Hoon; Kwak, Gijung; Yang, Yoosoo; Kwon, Ick Chan