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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-073PTZ and 3PXZ small molecular hole-transporting materials in polymer light-emitting diodesShin, Dong Su; Park, Young Jae; 이재현; 김지연; Lee, Hyunbok; Kim, Kitae; Yi, Yeonjin; Kwon, Ji Eon; Lee, Kyunam; Park, Soo Young; Yim, Sang-Youp; Park, Donghee; 손동익
2011-02-10Bistable Organic Memory Device with Gold Nanoparticles Embedded in a Conducting Poly(N-vinylcarbazole) Colloids HybridSon, Dong Ick; Park, Dong Hee; Kim, Jong Bin; Choi, Ji-Won; Kim, Tae Whan; Angadi, Basavaraj; Yi, Yeonjin; Choi, Won Kook
2022-06Catalyst-free synthesis of sub-5 nm silicon nanowire arrays with massive lattice contraction and wide bandgapGao, Sen; Hong, Sanghyun; Park, Soohyung; Jung, Hyun Young; Liang, Wentao; Lee, Yonghee; Ahn, Chi Won; Byun, Ji Young; Seo, Juyeon; Hahm, Myung Gwan; Kim, Hyehee; Kim, Kiwoong; Yi, Yeonjin; Wang, Hailong; Upmanyu, Moneesh; Lee, Sung-Goo; Homma, Yoshikazu; Terrones, Humberto; Jung, Yung Joon
2012-11Charge separation and ultraviolet photovoltaic conversion of ZnO quantum dots conjugated with graphene nanoshellsSon, Dong Ick; Kwon, Byoung Wook; Yang, Jeong Do; Park, Dong Hee; Seo, Won Seon; Lee, Hyunbok; Yi, Yeonjin; Lee, Chang Lyoul; Choi, Won Kook
2019-10-14Charge transport effect and photovoltaic conversion of two-dimensional CdSeS quantum dot monolayers in inverted polymer solar cellsLim, Guh-Hwan; Lee, Kyu Seung; Park, Young Jae; Shim, Jaeho; Choi, Jin Woo; Kim, Minju; Jin, Yeonghoon; Lim, Byungkwon; Yi, Yeonjin; Lee, Chang-Lyoul; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Son, Dong Ick
2019-09-05Composition-dependent topological-insulator properties of epitaxial (Bi1-xSbx)(2)(Te1-ySey)(3) thin filmsLee, Milim; Cho, Seong Won; Yi, Yeonjin; Lee, Suyoun
2023-02Degradation-induced energy level mismatch in cohost-dopant blue phosphorescent OLEDs after device operationKim, Kiwoong; Jae Chung, Won; Lim, Junseop; KYUJOON LEE; Kim, Hong Hee; Schultz, Thorsten; Amsalem, Patrick; 최원국; Kim, Hong Kyu; Ahn, Jae Pyoung; Lee, Hyunbok; Yeob Lee, Jun; Park, Soohyung; Yi, Yeonjin
2020-06-01Direct conjugation with a zero length linker of fullerene C-70 to ZnO quantum dots for multicolor light-emitting diodesPark, Young Jae; Shim, Jaeho; Lee, Kyu Seung; Lee, Won Ki; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Lee, Hyunbok; Yi, Yeonjin; Angadi, Basavaraj; Choi, Won Kook; Son, Dong Ick
2022-02Elucidation of hole transport mechanism in efficient energy cascade organic photovoltaics using triple donor systemJung, Kwanwook; Park, Soohyung; Yoo, Jisu; Jung, Na Eun; Moon, Byung Joon; Lee, Sang Hyun; Yi, Yeonjin; Lee, Hyunbok
2012-07Emissive ZnO-graphene quantum dots for white-light-emitting diodesSon, Dong Ick; Kwon, Byoung Wook; Park, Dong Hee; Seo, Won-Seon; Yi, Yeonjin; Angadi, Basavaraj; Lee, Chang-Lyoul; Choi, Won Kook
2015-08-16Enhanced photovoltaic performance of inverted polymer solar cells utilizing multifunctional CdSe quantum dots monolayerMoon, Byung Joon; Bae, Sugang; Son, Dong Ick; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Yi, Yeonjin; Lee, Sanghyun
2015-01-21Enhanced Photovoltaic Performance of Inverted Polymer Solar Cells Utilizing Multifunctional Quantum-Dot MonolayersMoon, Byung Joon; Cho, Sungjae; Lee, Kyu Seung; Bae, Sukang; Lee, Sanghyun; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Angadi, Basavaraj; Yi, Yeonjin; Park, Min; Son, Dong Ick
2016-02Enhanced photovoltaic performance of inverted polymer solar cells utilizing versatile chemically functionalized ZnO@graphene quantum dot monolayerMoon, Byung Joon; Lee, Kyu Seung; Shim, Jaeho; Park, Soohyung; Kim, Se Ho; Bae, Sukang; Park, Min; Lee, Chang-Lyoul; Choi, Won Kook; Yi, Yeonjin; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Son, Dong Ick
2023-12Enhancing photostability of 2D Ruddlesden-Popper perovskite via molecular acceptor passivation of metallic lead defects featuredKim, Kitae; Kang, Donghee; Blumstengel, Sylke; Morales, Nicolas Zorn; List-Kratochvil, Emil J. W.; Cho, Sang Wan; Lee, Hyunbok; Park, Soohyung; Yi, Yeonjin
2023-04Impact of light illumination on the surface structure of two-dimensional Ruddlesden-Popper perovskite in the fabrication processKim, Kitae; Park, Chanhui; Cha, Eunseo; Kang, Donghee; Park, Jeehong; Cho, Sangwan; Yi, Yeonjin; Park, Soohyung
2015-03-10Inverted Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes using Polyethylenimine ethoxylated modified ZnOKim, Hong Hee; Park, Soohyung; Yi, Yeonjin; Son, Dong Ick; Park, Cheolmin; Hwang, Do Kyung; Choi, Won Kook
2017-04Multi-functional nitrogen self-doped graphene quantum dots for boosting the photovoltaic performance of BHJ solar cellsMoon, Byung Joon; Jang, Dawon; Yi, Yeonjin; Lee, Hyunbok; Kim, Sang Jin; Oh, Yelin; Lee, Sang Hyun; Park, Min; Lee, Sungho; Bae, Sukang
2016-08Nonvolatile Charge Injection Memory Based on Black Phosphorous 2D Nanosheets for Charge Trapping and Active Channel LayersLee, Young Tack; Lee, Junyeong; Ju, Hyunsu; Lim, Jung Ah; Yi, Yeonjin; Choi, Won Kook; Hwang, Do Kyung; Im, Seongil
2015-10Nonvolatile Ferroelectric Memory Circuit Using Black Phosphorus Nanosheet-Based Field-Effect Transistors with P(VDF-TrFE) PolymerLee, Young Tack; Kwon, Hyeokjae; Kim, Jin Sung; Kim, Hong-Hee; Lee, Yun Jae; Lim, Jung Ah; Song, Yong-Won; Yi, Yeonjin; Choi, Won-Kook; Hwang, Do Kyung; Im, Seongil
2019-10-09Optimization of the electron transport in quantum dot light-emitting diodes by codoping ZnO with gallium (Ga) and magnesium (Mg)Kim, Hong Hee; Kumi, David O.; Kim, Kiwoong; Park, Donghee; Yi, Yeonjin; Cho, So Hye; Park, Cheolmin; Ntwaeaborwa, O. M.; Choi, Won Kook
2020-12Origin of temperature-dependent performance of hole-transport-layer-free perovskite solar cells doped with CuSCNKang, Donghee; Shin, Dongguen; Lee, Kyu-Joon; Park, Soohyung; Ahn, Jae-Pyoung; Jeong, Junkyeong; Yoo, Jisu; Kim, Kiwoong; Lee, Hyunbok; Yi, Yeonjin
2015-06-11Origin of White Electroluminescence in Graphene Quantum Dots Embedded Host/Guest Polymer Light Emitting DiodesKim, Jung Kyu; Bae, Sukang; Yi, Yeonjin; Park, Myung Jin; Kim, Sang Jin; Myoung, NoSoung; Lee, Chang-Lyoul; Hong, Byung Hee; Park, Jong Hyeok
2013-03-04Procedure of removing polymer residues and its influences on electronic and structural characteristics of grapheneAhn, Youngkun; Kim, Hyein; Kim, Young-Hwan; Yi, Yeonjin; Kim, Seong-Il
2020-03-18Realization of Excitation Wavelength Independent Blue Emission of ZnO Quantum Dots with Intrinsic DefectsKim, Hong Hee; Lee, Yeonju; Lee, Yun Jae; Jeong, Junkyeong; Yi, Yeonjin; Park, Cheolmin; Yim, Sang-Youp; Angadi, Basavaraj; Ko, Keum-Jin; Kang, Jae-Wook; Choi, Won Kook
2020-07Role of CdSe and CdSe@ZnS quantum dots interlayers conjugated in inverted polymer solar cellsPark, Young Jae; Lee, Kyu Seung; Lim, Guh-Hwan; Seo, Hae Woon; Kim, Sang Wook; Kim, Minju; Yi, Yeonjin; Lee, Hong Seok; Son, Dong Ick
2020-03-04Self-Powered Visible-Invisible Multiband Detection and Imaging Achieved Using High-Performance 2D MoTe2/MoS2 Semivertical Heterojunction PhotodiodesAhn, Jongtae; Kang, Ji-Hoon; Kyhm, Jihoon; Choi, Hyun Tae; Kim, Minju; Ahn, Dae-Hwan; Kim, Dae-Yeon; Ahn, Il-Ho; Park, Jong Bae; Park, Soohyung; Yi, Yeonjin; Song, Jin Dong; Park, Min-Chul; Im, Seongil; Hwang, Do Kyung
2020-06-23Simple Artificial Neuron Using an Ovonic Threshold Switch Featuring Spike-Frequency Adaptation and Chaotic ActivityLee, Milim; Cho, Seong Won; Kim, Seon Jeong; Kwak, Joon Young; Ju, Hyunsu; Yi, Yeonjin; Cheong, Byung-ki; Lee, Suyoun
2024-08The influence of ligands passivation on strength of Fermi level pinning in the quantum dots interfaceNamhee Kwon; Song, Seung Ho; Jin, Junyoung; Kim, Seunghwan; Kim, Kitae; Hwang, Gyu Weon; Yi, Yeonjin; Oh, Soong Ju; Koch, Norbert; Kim, Yong-Hoon; Hwang, Do Kyung; Park, Soohyung
2014-08Theoretical investigation on the electronic and charge transport characteristics of push-pull molecules for organic photovoltaic cellsLee, Hyunbok; Yi, Yeonjin; Cho, Sang Wan; Choi, Won Kook
2017-06-08Unveiling the Electronic Structure of ZnO-C-60 Core-Shell Quantum Dots: The Origin of Efficient Electron TransportHyun, Gyeongho; Park, Soohyung; Jeong, Junkyeong; Lee, Kyu Seung; Son, Dong Ick; Lee, Hyunbok; Yi, Yeonjin