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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-12C,N-Palladacycles Containing N-Heterocyclic Carbene and Azido Ligands - Effective Catalysts for Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reactions김용주; 이정현; 김태정; 함정엽; Zhen Nu Zheng; 이선우
1999-12C-2 modified taxol analogs with improved aqueous solubility김석찬; 문만식; 정찬성
1998-12C-2 modified taxols and their cytotoxicities김석찬; 문만식; 최관민; 정찬성; 정대일; 채기병
1997-09C-V characteristics of Pt/SrBi2Ta2O9/CeO2/Si structure for non-volatile memory devices이호녕; 신동석; 김용태; 조성호
1998-01C//xF//yI synthesis by iodination of Halon-1301이경환; 임종성; 이윤우; 김재덕
1985-07C1 화학과 촉매 .엄성진
2017-10C1 gases to hexanoic acid production by a newly isolated strain Clostridium sp. JK1이선미; 엄영순; 김중석; 김기연; 김경헌
1987-06C1- 화학기술엄성진
1999-09C2-symmetric bisphosphinobioxazoline as a chiral ligand: Palladium catalyzed allylic substitutions and rhodium catalyzed hydrosilylations이상기; 임청우; 이재균
1999-01C2-symmetric chiral bioxazolines and bioxazines in asymmetric catalysis이상기
2020-03C568: A new two-dimensional sp2-sp3 hybridized allotrope of carbon히로시 미즈세키; Babu Ram
2011-05C60 Amino-fullerene as a Visible-Light-Activated Photocatalyst for Water Treatment and Wastewater Reuse: Photochemical Properties, Photocatalytic Degradation of Emerging Pollutants, and Photodynamic Microbial Inactivation이재상; Yuri Mackeyev; 조민; 김재홍; Lon J Wilson; Pedro J. J. Alvarez
2010-12C60 Aminofullerene Immobilized on Silica as a Visible-Light-Activated Photocatalyst이재상; Yuri Mackeyev; 조민; Lon J. Wilson; 김재홍; Pedro J. J. Alvarez
2014-04C60 aminofullerene-magnetite nanocomposite designed for efficient visible light photocatalysis and magnetic recovery최여선; 예영진; Yuri Mackeyev; 조민; 이상협; Lon J. Wilson; 이진우; Pedro J.J. Alvarez; 최원용; 이재상
2010-06Ca(V)3.1 is a tremor rhythm pacemaker in the inferior olivePark YG; Park HY; 이창준; Choi S; Seonmi Jo; Choi H; Kim YH; 신희섭; Rodolfo R. Llinas; Daesoo Kim
2015-10Ca(v)3.1 T-type calcium channel modulates the epileptogenicity of hippocampal seizures in the kainic acid-induced temporal lobe epilepsy model김종현
2014-11CA1 specific deletion of Cav2.1 (P/Q-type) impairs spatial and contextual memory정다희; 조제원
2012-10CA1 specific deletion of P/Q type calcium channel alters spatial representation of place cells조제원; 신희섭; 정다희
2015-03Ca2+ Entry is Required for Mechanical Stimulation-induced ATP Release from Astrocyte이재광; 천예은; 한경석; 우동호; 이창준