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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-09L-1 Analysis of LTI Systems via Piecewise Higher-Order ApproximationChoi, Yong Woo; Hagiwara, Tomomichi; Kim, Jung Hoon
2016-05L-1 Discretization for Sampled-Data Controller Synthesis via Piecewise Linear ApproximationKim, Jung Hoon; Hagiwara, Tomomichi
2018-05L-1 Robustness of Computed Torque Method for Robot ManipulatorsKim, Jung Hoon; Oh, Yonghwan; Hur, Sung-moon
-L-arginine loaded poly(lactide/glycolide) nanospheres김성은; 이원규; PARK KI DONG; Lee Seung jin; 정광회; Kim Soo Hyun; Kim Young Ha
2021-02L-Citrulline Level and Transporter Activity Are Altered in Experimental Models of Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisGyawali, Asmita; Gautam, Shashi; Hyeon, Seung Jae; Ryu, Hoon; Kang, Young-Sook
-L-CO2 based coating for modification of poly(vinylidene) fluoride ultrafiltration membrane: The study of monomer concentration effectRATNA FRIDA SUSANTI; Kim, Jaehoon; Lee, Young Haeng; Jeong Seong Il; Han Yang-Soo; Kim, Jae Duck
2019-06L-DNA linear duplex: An efficient drug delivery carrier with a simple structureLee, A-Young; Kim, Kyoung-Ran; Yu, Jeong Heon; Ahn, Dae-Ro
2018-03-20L-DNA 나노케이지 구조를 가지는 약물 전달체안대로
2015-02-12L-DNA 나노케이지 구조를 가지는 약물 전달체안대로
2021-07-29L-DNA와 결합하는 자연계 단백질과 이의 용도안대로; 최재우; 안진수; 정학숙
-L-PLA recrystallization with supercritical anti-solvent process at a bench scale unitLEE JEONG WOO; 송규호; Lee Youn-Woo; LEE YOUN YONG
1995-05-12L-시스테인의 제조방법조병원; 윤경석
1994-07-27L-시스테인의 제조방법조병원; 윤경석
2018-05L1 robustness of computed torque method for robot manipulatorsKim, J.H.; Hur, S.-M.; Oh, Y.
2011-02L1(0) Ordering of FePtB Films on a Thin MgO LayerChoi, Gyung-Min; Min, Byoung-Chul; Shin, Kyung-Ho
2013-05L1(0) ordering of FePtB layers by oxidation-induced stress of capping layerChoi, Gyung-Min; Min, Byoung-Chul; Shin, Kyung-Ho
1994-06L12 to DO19 structural ordering during the fcc to hcp transformation in a CoCrTa alloy정병기; D. E. Laughlin; Y. C. Feng
1999-05-14(La,Ca)MnO3/LaAlO3(100) 박막의 결정성장 분석Oh, Young Jei
2000-08La-Ca-Mn-O thin film based thermistor for measuring low temperature of 77-230 KSong, JH; Kim, KF; Jung, HJ; Choi, DK; Choi, WK
1998-04-25La0.67Ca0.33Fe0.01Mn0.99O3의 자기적 성질 연구Oh, Young Jei