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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-09Q-SHINE: A versatile sensor for glutamine measurement via ligand-induced dimerizationLimYun; Jiyul Kim; Jung, Youn Hee; Lee, Jae Hoon; Baek, Min Seok; Jung, Je Hyeong; Kim, Ho-Youn; Lee, Wookbin; Park, Keunwan; Seo, Moon-Hyeong
2012-01-20Q-switched fiber lasers with carbon nanotubes hosted in ceramicsSong, Yong-Won
-Q-switched Mode-locked Alexandrite Laser for Picosecond PulsesAhn Joonmo; Jung Min Ki; MINAH SEO; Lee, Seok; Jhon, Young Min
2012-07-20Q-switched mode-locking of an erbium-doped fiber laser using cavity modulation frequency detuningChang, You Min; Lee, Junsu; Jhon, Young Min; Lee, Ju Han
2023-05QBO Modulation of Upper-stratospheric High-latitude Planetary Waves in the Northern Hemisphere in MarchSeo, Jihoon; Choi, Wookap
2008QD technology and market prospects in the sectors of space exploration, biomedicine, defense, and securityCharitidis, C. A.; Golnas, A.; Chouliaras, F.; Arpatzanis, N.; Dimitriadis, C. A.; Lee, J. I.; Bakolias, C.
2017-06QKD system with fast active optical path length compensationPark, Byung Kwon; Lee, Min Soo; Woo, Min Ki; Kim, Yong-Su; Han, Sang-Wook; Moon, Sung
2008-03-20QM and pharmacophore based 3D-QSAR of MK886 analogues against mPGES-1Pasha, F. A.; Muddassar, M.; Jung, Hwanwon; Yang, Beom-Seok; Lee, Cheolju; Oh, Jung Soo; Cho, Seung Joo; Cho, Hoon
2010-05QM/MM based 3D QSAR models for potent B-Raf inhibitorsChung, Jae Yoon; Chung, Hwan Won; Cho, Seung Joo; Hah, Jung-Mi; Cho, Art E.
2003-09QSAR analysis of SH2-binding phosphopeptides: Using interaction energies and cross-correlation coefficientsMoon, T; Song, JS; Lee, JK; Yoon, CN
2003-04-03QSAR studies on piperazinylalkyhsoxazole analogues selectively acting on dopaminie D-3 receptor by HQSAR and CoMFACha, MY; Lee, IY; Cha, JH; Choi, KI; Cho, YS; Koh, HY; Pae, AN
2003-05-01QSAR study of quinolinediones with inhibitory activity of endothelium-dependent vasorelaxation by CoMSIAChoo, HYP; Choi, S; Ryu, CK; Kim, HJ; Lee, IY; Pae, AN; Koh, HY
-Qualitative analysis of black ballpoint pen inks purchased from Korean marketLEE, KI SOO; BAIG, SEUNG WOO; Park Jin Sook; NAM, YUN SIK; CHA, KI SUK; CHA, JOO HWAN; LIM, WEON CHEOL; PARK, HYUN MEE; LEE, YEON HEE; LEE, KANG BONG
-Qualitative analysis of eight marker compounds in Socheongryong-tang using UPLC-QTOF-MSOh Hyun-A; Kim Donghak; Jung, Byung Hwa
-Qualitative analysis of the red stamping inks in the document using TOF-SIMSCho Youn Jeang; Lee Ji-hye; 윤정현; LEE, YEON HEE
-Qualitative analysis of the red stamping inks on paper using TOF-SIMSLee Ji-hye; Chiwoo Lee; LEE, YEON HEE
-Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Microbial Community Structure in SBR for Enriching ANAMMOX ConsortiumBae Hyokwan; Paul Tanusree; JUNG, JIN YOUNG
-Qualities of 3-D ImagesJung-Young Son; Park, Min Chul
2011-06Quality assessment of rooftop runoff and harvested rainwater from a building catchmentLee, J. Y.; Kim, H. J.; Han, M. Y.
-Quality estimation for visual image in autostereoscopic 3D displayVladimir Saveljev; Jung-Young Son; Son-Bo Woo; Park, Min Chul; Dong-Su Lee; Kae-Dal Kwack