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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-01Near minimum-time direct voltage control algorithms for wheeled mobile robots with current and voltage constraintsChoi, JS; Kim, BK
2001-01Subcellular redistribution of protein kinase C isozymes is associated with rat liver cirrhotic changes induced by carbon tetrachloride or thioacetamideJeong, DH; Lee, SJ; Lee, JH; Bae, IH; Jeong, KS; Jang, JJ; Lim, IK; Kim, MR; Lee, MJ; Lee, YS
2001-01Diffraction pattern by an empty rectangular cylinder in a dielectricLee, TK; Kim, SY; Ra, JW
2001-01Design parameters for an electrochemical cell with porous electrode to treat metal-ion solutionPak, D; Chung, DW; Ju, JB
2001-01Morphology and phase stability of nitrogen-partially stabilized zirconia (N-PSZ)Chung, TJ; Lee, JS; Kim, DY; Kim, GH; Song, H
2001-01Effect of initial alpha-phase content of SiC on microstructure and mechanical properties of SiC-TiC compositesAn, HG; Kim, YW; Lee, JG
2001-01Biochemical roles of testosterone and epitestosterone to 5 alpha-reductase as indicators of male-pattern baldnessChoi, MH; Yoo, YS; Chung, BC
2001-01Preparation and characterization of gold-codeposited LiMn2O4 electrodesLim, MR; Cho, WI; Kim, KB
2001-01Effects of Si and Al on acicular ferrite formation in C-Mn steelShim, JH; Byun, JS; Cho, YW; Oh, YJ; Shim, JD; Lee, DN
2001-01Mechanochemical synthesis and electrochemical properties of LiMn2O4Choi, HJ; Lee, KM; Kim, GH; Lee, JG
2001-01Densification method of screen printed PZT(52/48) thick filmsKim, YB; Kim, TS; Choi, KS; Choi, DJ
2001-01Dry etching of ZnO using an inductively coupled plasmaLee, JM; Chang, KM; Kim, KK; Choi, WK; Park, SJ
2001-01Treatment of highly polluted groundwater by novel iron removal processSim, SJ; Kang, CD; Lee, JW; Kim, WS
2001-01Prophylactic efficacy of a new gentamicin-releasing urethral catheter in short-term catheterized rabbitsCho, YH; Lee, SJ; Lee, JY; Kim, SW; Kwon, IC; Chung, SY; Yoon, MS
2001-01Effects of chemical etching with nitric acid on glass surfacesJang, HK; Chung, YD; Whangbo, SW; Kim, TG; Whang, CN; Lee, SJ; Lee, S
2001-01Mn absorption characteristics of Ti2O3 inclusions in low carbon steelsShim, JH; Byun, JS; Cho, YW; Oh, YJ; Shim, JD; Lee, DN
2001-01Effects of comonomers and shear on the melt intercalation of styrenics/clay nanocompositesYoon, JT; Jo, WH; Lee, MS; Ko, MB
2001-01Phase transition of cellulose solutions in N-methyl morpholine N-oxide hydratesKim, DB; Lee, WS; Jo, SM; Lee, YM; Kim, BC
2001-01Synthesis and characterization of Ga-substituted MER-type zeolitesKim, SH; Kim, SD; Kim, YC; Kim, CS; Hong, SB
2001-01Acoustic characterization of AlN films using a high overtone bulk acoustic wave resonatorLee, SH; Kim, JH; Lee, JK; Mansfeld, GD; Alekseev, SG; Yoon, KH