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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-12RuO2 sputtered thin film supercapacitor's performance as function of oxygen incorporationLim, JH; Choi, DJ; Cho, WI; Yoon, YS
2001-12Electrochemical properties of diamond-like-carbon coated LiMn2O4 thin films for microbatteriesMoon, HS; Ji, KS; Kim, TJ; Cho, WI; Yoon, YS; Chung, SH; Park, JW
2001-04Characterization of all-solid-state thin-film batteries with V2O5 thin-film cathodes using ex situ and in situ processesJeon, EJ; Shin, YW; Nam, SC; Cho, WI; Yoon, YS
2001-10-15Enhancement of CO sensitivity of indium oxide-based semiconductor gas sensor through ultra-thin cobalt adsorptionLee, HJ; Song, JH; Yoon, YS; Kim, TS; Kim, KJ; Choi, WK
2001-12-15Electrochemical and structural properties of radio frequency sputtered cobalt oxide electrodes for thin-film supercapacitorsKim, HK; Seong, TY; Lim, JH; Cho, WI; Yoon, YS
2001-07-01Structural, electrical, and optical properties of SnO2 nanocrystalline thin films grown on p-InSb (111) substratesKim, TW; Lee, DU; Lee, JH; Choo, DC; Jung, M; Yoon, YS
2001-03Thin film supercapacitors using a sputtered RuO2 electrodeLim, JH; Choi, DJ; Kim, HK; Cho, WI; Yoon, YS
2001-10-05Dependence of the structural, the electrical, and the optical properties on the Ar/O-2 flow-rate ratios for SnO2 thin films grown on p-InP (100) substrates at low temperatureKim, TW; Lee, DU; Jung, M; Lee, JH; Choo, DC; Cho, JW; Seo, KY; Yoon, YS
2001-10-01Solid-state thin-film supercapacitor with ruthenium oxide and solid electrolyte thin filmsYoon, YS; Cho, WI; Lim, JH; Choi, DJ
2001-09The effects of Cu-doping in V2O5 thin film cathode for microbatteryNam, SC; Lim, YC; Park, HY; Jeon, EJ; Yoon, YS; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Yun, KS