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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-09Shear induced homogenization study of an immiscible polymer blend solution using fluorescence microscopeYu, JW
2003-07Microstructure and growth kinetics of the Mo5Si3 and Mo3Si layers in MoSi2/Mo diffusion coupleYoon, JK; Lee, JK; Lee, KH; Byun, JY; Kim, GH; Hong, KT
2003-09Norfloxacin-releasing urethral catheter for long-term catheterizationPark, JH; Cho, YW; Cho, YH; Choi, JM; Shin, HJ; Bae, YH; Chung, H; Jeong, SY; Kwon, IC
2003-10Unusual facilitated olefin transport through polymethacrylate/silver salt complexesKim, JH; Joo, SH; Kim, CK; Kang, YS; Won, JK
2003-06-17Revelation of facilitated olefin transport through silver-polymer complex membranes using anion complexationKim, JH; Min, BR; Won, J; Kang, YS
2003-04Synthesis of syndiotacticity-rich high molecular weight poly(vinyl alcohol) by suspension polymerization of vinyl pivalate and saponificationLyoo, WS; Park, CS; Kim, JH; Ghim, GH; Lee, JY; Lee, J; Lee, CJ
2003-08Effect of initial textures on texture formation in AA 3004 sheets during continuous confined strip shearing and subsequent annealingKim, HD; Huh, MY; Park, NJ; Chung, YH
2003-12Plasma protein adsorption to anion substituted poly(vinyl alcohol) membranesRyu, KE; Rhim, H; Park, CW; Chun, HJ; Hong, SH; Kim, JJ; Lee, YM
2003-08-12Role of polymer matrix in polymer/silver complexes for structure, interactionsle, and facilitated olefin transportKim, JH; Min, BR; Won, J; Joo, SH; Kim, HS; Kang, YS
2003-09-09Temperature-dependent transition of deformation mode in poly(1,4-cyclohexylenedimethylene terephthalate)/poly(ethylene terephthalate) copolymersLee, SS; Yee, AF