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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-11-15Magnetotransport in (Ga,Mn)N ferromagnetic semiconductors grown by plasma-enhanced molecular beam epitaxyHam, MH; Jeong, MC; Lee, WY; Myoung, JM; Chang, JY; Han, SH
2003-04-29Carbon nanotube growth enhanced by nitrogen incorporationKim, TY; Lee, KR; Eun, KY; Oh, KH
2003-12-05Characterization and physical properties of polymethylphenylsilsesquioxane (PMPSQ) and hydroxyl-functionalized polystyrene (PS-OH) hybridsHong, SP; Hong, SM; Hwang, SS; Kim, BC
2003-10-06Coordination polyhedron and chemical vapor deposition of Cu(hfacac)(2)(t-BuNH2)Woo, K; Paek, H; Lee, WI
2003-07Method to enhance atomic-layer deposition of tungsten-nitride diffusion barrier for Cu interconnectSim, HS; Kim, SI; Kim, YT
2003-10A new pulse plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of tungsten nitride diffusion barrier for copper interconnectSim, HS; Kim, SI; Jeon, H; Kim, YT
2003-08Effect of molecular structure of self-assembled monolayers on their tribological behaviors in nano- and microscalesAhn, HS; Cuong, PD; Park, S; Kim, YW; Lim, JC
2003-11Preparation of YSZ coated AISI-type 316L stainless steel by the sol-gel coating method and its corrosion behavior in molten carbonateKim, SG; Hong, MZ; Yoon, SP; Han, JH; Nam, SW; Lim, TH; Hong, SA
2003-12In vivo conjunctival reconstruction using modified PLGA grafts for decreased scar formation and contractionLee, SY; Oh, JH; Kim, JC; Kim, YH; Kim, SH; Choi, JW
2003-08-28Self-organized GaN quantum wire UV lasersChoi, HJ; Johnson, JC; He, RR; Lee, SK; Kim, F; Pauzauskie, P; Goldberger, J; Saykally, RJ; Yang, PD