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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-02-10Release of N-2 from the carbon nanotubes via high-temperature annealingChoi, HC; Bae, SY; Jang, WS; Park, J; Song, HJ; Shin, HJ; Jung, H; Ahn, JP
2005-02Bandgap engineering of self-assembled InAs quantum dots with a thin AlAs barrierJung, SI; Yoon, JJ; Park, HJ; Park, YM; Jeon, MH; Leem, JY; Lee, CM; Cho, ET; Lee, JI; Kim, JS; Son, JS; Kim, JS; Lee, DY; Han, IK
2005-12Influence of electric potential on structure and function of biofilm in wastewater treatment reactor: Bacterial oxidation of organic carbons coupled to bacterial denitrificationNa, BK; Sang, BI; Park, DW; Park, DH
2005-07-15Microstructure and magnetoresistance of sputtered bismuth thin films upon annealingChang, J; Kim, H; Han, J; Jeon, MH; Lee, WY
2005-05-19Synthesis and magnetic properties of manganese-doped GaP nanowiresHan, DS; Bae, SY; Seo, HW; Kang, YJ; Park, J; Lee, G; Ahn, JP; Kim, S; Chang, J
2005-05-22Structural analysis of the reconstructed Si(001)-C surfacePark, JY; Seo, JH; Whang, CN; Kim, SS; Choi, DS; Chae, KH
2005-03-15Synthesis of ZnO nanorods by a hot-wall high-temperature laser deposition processPark, JH; Hwang, IS; Choi, YJ; Park, JG
2005-02-01Atomic-level investigation of interface structure in Ni-Al multilayer system: molecular dynamics simulationLee, SG; Kim, SP; Lee, KR; Chung, YC
2005-10-03Coordinatively induced length control and photoluminescence of W18O49 nanorodsWoo, K; Hong, J; Ahn, JP; Park, JK; Kim, KJ
2005-06-22Structural determination of the low-coverage phase of Al on Si(001) surfacePark, JY; Seo, JH; Whang, CN; Kim, SS; Choi, DS; Chae, KH