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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-03-01Effect of InxGa1-xAs strain release layers on the microstructural and interband transition properties of InAs/GaAs quantum dotsLim, JG; Park, YJ; Park, YM; Song, JD; Choi, WJ; Han, IK; Cho, WJ; Lee, JI; Kim, TW; Kim, HS; Park, CG
2005-02Effect of deposition period on structural and optical properties of InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots formed by InAs/GaAs short-period superlatticesSong, JD; Park, YJ; Han, IK; Choi, WJ; Cho, WJ; Lee, JI; Cho, YH; Lee, JY
2005-02Optical properties of Ga1-xMnxAs (0 <= x <= 0.09) studied using spectroscopic ellipsornetryKang, TD; Lee, GS; Lee, H; Koh, D; Park, YJ
2005-02The emission wavelength tuning of InAs/InP quantum dots with thin GaAs, InGaAs, InP capping layers by MOCVDPark, K; Ahn, E; Jeon, YJ; Cheong, HM; Kim, JS; Kim, EK; Lee, J; Park, YJ; Lee, GD; Yoon, E
2005-02Effects of rapid thermal annealing on the energy levels of InAs/InP self-assembled quantum dotsKim, JS; Kim, EK; Park, K; Yoon, E; Han, IK; Park, YJ
2005-01Effects of Si-doped GaAs layer on optical properties of InAs quantum dotsPark, YM; Park, YJ; Kim, KM; Lee, JI; Yoo, KH
2005-01Multibody dynamics in arterial systemShin, SH; Park, YB; Rhim, HW; Yoo, WS; Park, YJ; Park, DH
2005-01Effects of annealing conditions on the crystallization and grain growth of metastable Ge2Sb2Te5Park, YJ; Lee, JY; Youm, MS; Kim, YT
2005-06-06Single-crystalline diluted magnetic semiconductor GaN : Mn nanowiresChoi, HJ; Seong, HK; Chang, J; Lee, KI; Park, YJ; Kim, JJ; Lee, SK; He, RR; Kuykendall, T; Yang, PD
2005-03Electron-hole separation in InAs quantum dotsPark, YM; Park, YJ; Kim, KM; Song, JD; Lee, JI