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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-04-15Detection of the Au thin-layer in the Hz per picogram regime based on the microcantileversChun, Dong Won; Hwang, Kyo Seon; Eom, Kilho; Lee, Jeong Hoon; Cha, Byung Hak; Lee, Woo Young; Yoon, Dae Sung; Kim, Tae Song
2007-12The deposition behavior of SiC : H films deposited using a remote PECVD system with an HMWS precursor and C2H2 dilution gasCho, Sung Hyuk; Lee, Young Jin; Choi, Doo Jin; Kim, Tae Song
2007-09Dynamical response of nanomechanical resonators to biomolecular interactionsEom, Kilho; Kwon, Tae Yun; Yoon, Dae Sung; Lee, Hong Lim; Kim, Tae Song
2007-06-01Site-directed biotinylation of antibodies for controlled immobilization of solid surfacesCho, Il-Hoon; Paek, Eui-Hwan; Lee, Haiwort; Kang, Ji Yoon; Kim, Tae Song; Paek, Se-Hwan
2007-04Amplification of fluorescence with packed beads to enhance the sensitivity of miniaturized detection in microfluidic chipShin, Kyeong-Sik; Lee, Sung Woo; Han, Ki-Cheol; Kim, Sang Kyung; Yang, Eun Kyung; Park, Jung Ho; Ju, Byeong-Kwon; Kang, Ji Yoon; Kim, Tae Song
2007-11-30Nanomechanical microcantilever operated in vibration modes with use of RNA aptamer as receptor molecules for label-free detection of HCV helicaseHwang, Kyo Seon; Lee, Sang-Myung; Eom, Kilho; Lee, Jeong Hoon; Lee, Yoon-Sik; Park, Jung Ho; Yoon, Dae Sung; Kim, Tae Song
2007-05-28In situ real-time monitoring of biomolecular interactions based on resonating microcantilevers immersed in a viscous fluidKwon, Tae Yun; Eom, Kilho; Park, Jae Hong; Yoon, Dae Sung; Kim, Tae Song; Lee, Hong Lim
2007-12Multi-well chip for forming a uniform embryoid body in a tiny droplet with mouse embryonic stem cellsKim, Choong; Lee, In Hye; Lee, Kangsun; Ryu, Sung Shin; Lee, Sang Ho; Lee, Kyu-Jung; Lee, Jinwoo; Kang, Ji Yoon; Kim, Tae Song
2007-09-20Electrical and ferroelectric properties of SBT thin films formed by photochemical metal-organic depositionPark, Hyeong-Ho; Jung, Sang-Bae; Park, Hyung-Ho; Kim, Tae Song; Hill, Ross H.
2007-08Fabrication of round channels using the surface tension of PDMS and its application to a 3D serpentine mixerLee, Kangsun; Kim, Choong; Shin, Kyeong Sik; Lee, JinWoo; Ju, Byeong-Kwon; Kim, Tae Song; Lee, Seung-Ki; Kang, Ji Yoon