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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-11Temperature dependence of spin injection efficiency in an epitaxially grown Fe/GaAs hybrid structureLee, Tae Hwan; Koo, Hyun Cheol; Kim, Kyung Ho; Kim, Hyung-Jun; Chang, Joon Yeon; Han, Suk-Hee; Hong, Jinki; Lim, Sang Ho
2009-11Effect of molecular ordering on spin and charge injection in rubreneRaman, K. V.; Watson, S. M.; Shim, J. H.; Borchers, J. A.; Chang, J.; Moodera, J. S.
2009-10Spin Channels in Functionalized Graphene NanoribbonsCantele, Giovanni; Lee, Young-Su; Ninno, Domenico; Marzari, Nicola
2009-10Nanostructured photoelectrode consisting of TiO2 hollow spheres for non-volatile electrolyte-based dye-sensitized solar cellsPark, Jong Hyuk; Jung, Sun Young; Kim, Raehyun; Park, Nam-Gyu; Kim, Junkyung; Lee, Sang-Soo
2009-09Solubility of Co clusters in Co-implanted ZnO thin films by 200 MeV Ag15+ ions irradiationKhan, M. Wasi; Kumar, Ravi; Khan, M. A. Majeed; Angadi, Basavaraj; Jung, Y. S.; Choi, W. K.; Srivastava, J. P.
2009-07-08Electroluminescence of a single active layer polymer-nanocrystal hybrid light-emitting diode with inversion symmetrySon, Dong-Ick; Park, Dong-Hee; Choi, Won Kook; Kim, Tae Whan
2009-02-03Photoregulation of Ion Permeation through a Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Membrane by Manipulating the Chromophore OrientationKumar, Surjith K.; Pennakalathil, Jousheed; Kim, Tae-Hyun; Kim, Kyuwon; Park, Jong-Ku; Hong, Jong-Dal
2009-04-09Compact Inverse-Opal Electrode Using Non-Aggregated TiO2 Nanoparticles for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsKwak, Eun Sik; Lee, Wonmok; Park, Nam-Gyu; Kim, Junkyung; Lee, Hyunjung
2009-03-15An analytical model of Nafion (TM) membrane humidifier for proton exchange membrane fuel cellsPark, Sehkyu; Oh, In-Hwan
2009-10Parametrical Study on the Preparation of an InAs/AlSb 2DEG Structure for Application to a High-mobility Inverted-doping HEMTLim, Ju Young; Shin, Sang Hoon; Song, Jin Dong; Choi, Won Jun; Han, Suk Hee; Yang, Hae Suk