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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01Different characteristics between auctioned and non-auctioned patentsLee, Yong-Gil; Lee, Ji-Hoon
2010-01Debinding behaviors of injection molded ceramic bodies with nano-sized pore channels during extraction using supercritical carbon dioxide and n-heptane solventKim, Sang Woo
2010-01Nanobubbles from Gas-Generating Polymeric Nanoparticles: Ultrasound Imaging of Living SubjectsKang, Eunah; Min, Hyun Su; Lee, Jaeyoung; Han, Moon Hee; Ahn, Hyung Jun; Yoon, In-Chan; Choi, Kuiwon; Kim, Kwangmeyoung; Park, Kinam; Kwon, Ick Chan
2010-01Self-assembled hyaluronic acid nanoparticles for active tumor targetingChoi, Ki Young; Chung, Hyunjin; Min, Kyung Hyun; Yoon, Hong Yeol; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Park, Jae Hyung; Kwon, Ick Chan; Jeong, Seo Young
2010-01Degradation of tetracycline antibiotics: Mechanisms and kinetic studies for advanced oxidation/reduction processesJeong, Joonseon; Song, Weihua; Cooper, William J.; Jung, Jinyoung; Greaves, John
2010-01Involvement of Ceramide in Ischemic Tolerance Induced by Preconditioning with Sublethal Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation in Primary Cultured Cortical Neurons of RatsBhuiyan, Mohammad Iqbal Hossain; Islam, Mohammad Nurul; Jung, Seo Yun; Yoo, Hye Hyun; Lee, Yong Sup; Jin, Changbae
2010-01Performance evaluation of pretreatment processes in integrated membrane system for wastewater reusePark, Chanhyuk; Hong, Seok-Won; Chung, Tai Hak; Choi, Yong-Su
2010-01Bio-oil production from fast pyrolysis of waste furniture sawdust in a fluidized bedHeo, Hyeon Su; Park, Hyun Ju; Park, Young-Kwon; Ryu, Changkook; Suh, Dong Jin; Suh, Young-Woong; Yim, Jin-Heong; Kim, Seung-Soo
2010-01Electricity generation coupled to oxidation of propionate in a microbial fuel cellJang, Jae Kyung; Chang, In Seop; Hwang, Hwa Yeon; Choo, Yeng Fung; Lee, JiYoung; Cho, Kyung Suk; Kim, Byung Hong; Nealson, Kenneth H.
2010-01Performance Improvement of Organic Light Emitting Diodes Using Poly(N-vinylcarbazole) (PVK) as a Blocking LayerLee, Joo-Woon; Kim, Jai-Kyeong; Yoon, Young-Soo
2010-01Substrate-Controlled Asymmetric Total Synthesis and Structure Revision of (+)-Itomanallene AJeong, Wonjang; Kim, Mi Jung; Kim, Hyoungsu; Kim, Sanghee; Kim, Deukjoon; Shin, Kye Jung
2010-01Effects of Repeated Seafood Consumption on Urinary Excretion of Arsenic Species by VolunteersChoi, Byung-Sun; Choi, Seong-Jin; Kim, Dong-Won; Huang, Mingai; Kim, Na-Young; Park, Kyung-Su; Kim, Choong-Yong; Lee, Hyo-Min; Yum, Young-Na; Han, Eui-Sik; Kang, Tae-Seok; Yu, Il-Je; Park, Jung-Duck
2010-01Changes in gene expression profile of medaka with acute toxicity of Arochlor 1260, a polychlorinated biphenyl mixtureYum, Seungshic; Woo, Seonock; Kagami, Yoshihiro; Park, Hong-Seog; Ryu, Jae-Chun
2010-01Cloning, purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of MCAT from Staphylococcus aureusHong, Seung Kon; Kim, Kook Han; Kim, Eunice EunKyeong
2010-01High performance organic photosensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cellsIm, Hunbae; Kim, Sukwon; Park, Chanmoo; Jang, Seok-Hoon; Kim, Chang-Ju; Kim, Kyungkon; Park, Nam-Gyu; Kim, Chulhee
2010-01Comparison of the microbiological and chemical characterization of harvested rainwater and reservoir water as alternative water resourcesLee, Ju Young; Yang, Jung-Seok; Han, Mooyoung; Choi, Jaeyoung
2010-01Fabrication of thin solid oxide film fuel cellsJee, Y.; Chang, I.; Son, J.-W.; Lee, J.-H.; Kang, S.; Cha, S.W.
2010-01Microstructural characterization of composite electrode materials in solid oxide fuel cells via image processing analysisBae, S.-M.; Jung, H.-Y.; Lee, J.-H.; Hwang, J.-H.
2010-01Thin film (La0.7Sr0.3)0.95MnO 3-δ fabricated by pulsed laser deposition and its application as a solid oxide fuel cell cathode for low-temperature operationNoh, H.-S.; Son, J.-W.; Lee, H.; Kim, H.-R.; Lee, J.-H.; Lee, H.-W.
2010-01An experimental study on the performance of a zinc air fuel cell with inexpensive metal oxide catalysts and porous organic polymer separatorsSapkota, P.; Kim, H.