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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01Surface energy tunable nanohairy dry adhesive by broad ion beam irradiationRahmawan, Yudi; Kim, Tae-il; Kim, Seong Jin; Lee, Kwang-Ryeol; Moon, Myoung-Woon; Suh, Kahp-Yang
2012-02Molecular dynamics simulation study of the growth of a rough amorphous carbon film by the grazing incidence of energetic carbon atomsJoe, Minwoong; Moon, Myoung-Woon; Oh, Jungsoo; Lee, Kyu-Hwan; Lee, Kwang-Ryeol
2012-11-01Interfacial reaction-dominated full oxidation of 5 nm diameter silicon nanowiresKim, Ilsoo; Park, Tae-Eon; Lee, Ki-Young; Ha, Ryong; Kim, Byung-Hyun; Chung, Yong-Chae; Lee, Kwang-Ryeol; Choi, Heon-Jin
2012-11Water condensation behavior on the surface of a network of superhydrophobic carbon fibers with high-aspect-ratio nanostructuresKo, Tae-Jun; Her, Eun Kyu; Shin, Bongsu; Kim, Ho-Young; Lee, Kwang-Ryeol; Hong, Bo Ki; Kim, Sae Hoon; Oh, Kyu Hwan; Moon, Myoung-Woon
2012-11In-situ observation of ion beam-induced nanostructure formation on a Cu(In,Ga)Se2 SurfaceLee, Ji Yeong; Seong, Won Kyung; Joe, Minwoong; Lee, Kwang-Ryeol; Park, Jong-Ku; Moon, Myoung-Woon; Yang, Cheol-Woong
2012-08-15Effects of interfacial bonding in the Si-carbon nanotube nanocomposite: A molecular dynamics approachKim, Byung-Hyun; Lee, Kwang-Ryeol; Chung, Yong-Chae; Lee, June Gunn
2012-07-31Investigation of the microstructure, mechanical properties and tribological behaviors of Ti-containing diamond-like carbon films fabricated by a hybrid ion beam methodDai, Wei; Ke, Peiling; Moon, Myoung-Woon; Lee, Kwang-Ryeol; Wang, Aiying
2012-07-31First principles investigation of interaction between impurity atom (Si, Ge, Sn) and carbon atom in diamond-like carbon systemLi, Xiaowei; Wang, Aiying; Lee, Kwang-Ryeol
2012-10Self-assembled Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 nanocrystals formed by Ar ion beam irradiationLee, Ji-Yeong; Ahmed, Sk Faruque; Park, Min-Ho; Ha, Seung-kyu; Park, Jong-Ku; Yun, Jae Ho; Ahn, Se Jin; Lee, Kwang-Ryeol; Choi, Won Jun; Moon, Myoung-Woon; Yang, Cheol-Woong
2012-10Ion-Beam Induced Surface Roughening of Poly-(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) Tuned by a Mixture of Ar and O2 IonsDai, Wei; Ko, Tae-Jun; Oh, Kyu Hwan; Lee, Kwang-Ryeol; Moon, Myoung-Woon