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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12Reducing the Persistent Photoconductivity. Effect in Zinc Oxide by Sequential Surface Ultraviolet Ozone and Annealing TreatmentsPark, Sungho; Cho, Nam-Kwang; Kim, Byung Jun; Jeong, Shin Young; Han, Il Ki; Kim, Youn Sang; Kang, Seong Jun
2019-12Layered composite membranes based on porous PVDF coated with a thin, dense PBI layer for vanadium redox flow batteriesLee, Wonmi; Jung, Mina; Serhiichuk, Dmytro; Noh, Chanho; Gupta, Gaurav; Harms, Corinna; Kwon, Yongchai; Henkensmeier, Dirk
2019-12-01Moisture proof hole transport layers based on CISe quantum dots for highly stable and large active area perovskite solar cellsKim, Jae-Yup; Baek, Woonhyuk; Kim, Soyoung; Kang, Gumin; Han, Il Ki; Hyeon, Taeghwan; Park, Minwoo
2019-11Few-layer graphene coated current collectors for safe and powerful lithium ion batteriesKim, So Yeun; Il Song, Young; Wee, Jae-Hyung; Kim, Chang Hyo; Ahn, Byung Wook; Lee, Jung Woo; Shu, Su Jeong; Terrones, Mauricio; Kim, Yoong Ahm; Yang, Cheol-Min
2019-12-07Intrinsic photo-degradation and mechanism of polymer solar cells: the crucial role of non-fullerene acceptorsPark, Sungmin; Son, Hae Jung
2019-11-15Ultra-bendable and durable Graphene Urethane composite/silver nanowire film for flexible transparent electrodes and electromagnetic-interference shieldingChoi, Jong Han; Lee, Kwan Young; Kim, Sang Woo
2019-11High-performance corrosion-resistant fluorine-doped tin oxide as an alternative to carbon support in electrodes for PEM fuel cellsKim, Jong Min; Lee, Yeo Jin; Kim, Seung-hoon; Chae, Keun-Hwa; Yoon, Ki Ro; Lee, Kyung Ah; Byeon, Ayeong; Kang, Yun Sik; Park, Hee-Young; Cho, Min Kyung; Ham, Hyung Chul; Kim, Jin Young
2019-11Development of robust Pt shell through organic hydride donor in PtCo@Pt core-shell electrocatalysts for highly stable proton exchange membrane fuel cellsLee, Sehyun; Jang, Jue-Hyuk; Jang, Injoon; Choi, Daeil; Lee, Kug-Seung; Ahn, Docheon; Kang, Yun Sik; Park, Hee-Young; Yoo, Sung Jong
2019-11Mutual Conservation of Redox Mediator and Singlet Oxygen Quencher in Lithium-Oxygen BatteriesKwak, Won-Jin; Freunberger, Stefan A.; Kim, Hun; Park, Jiwon; Trung Thien Nguyen; Jung, Hun-Gi; Byon, Hye Ryung; Sun, Yang-Kook
2019-12A Comparative Study on Albumin-Binding Molecules for Targeted Tumor Delivery through Covalent and Noncovalent ApproachUm, Wooram; Park, Jooho; Youn, Ahye; Cho, Hanhee; Lim, Seungho; Lee, Jong Won; Yoon, Hong Yeol; Lim, Dong-Kwon; Park, Jae Hyung; Kim, Kwangmeyung