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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-03Multiscale simulation approach to investigate the binder distribution in catalyst layers of high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsKwon, Sung Hyun; Lee, So Young; Kim, Hyoung Juhn; Yim, Sung-Dae; Sohn, Young-Jun; Lee, Seung Geol
2022-04Aquifer-scale mapping of injection capacity for potential aquifer storage and recovery sites: Methodology development and case studies in Minnesota, USAShandilya, Raghwendra N.; Bresciani, Etienne; Runkel, Anthony C.; Jennings, Carrie E.; Lee, Seunghak; Kang, Peter K.
2022-03High Purity Single Wall Carbon Nanotube by Oxygen-Containing Functional Group of Ferrocene-Derived Catalyst Precursor by Floating Catalyst Chemical Vapor DepositionMoon, Sook Young; Jeon, Seung-Yeol; Lee, Sung-Hyun; Lee, Anna; Kim, Seung Min
2022-02Improvement of the Supercapacitor Performance of Nickel Molybdenum Chalcogenides/Reduced Graphene Oxide Composites through Vanadium-Doping Induced Crystal Strain Relaxation and Band Gap ModificationGhosh, Souvik; Samanta, Prakas; Jang, Wooree; Yang, Cheol-Min; Murmu, Naresh Chandra; Kuila, Tapas
2022-01Probing Photoexcited Charge Carrier Trapping and Defect Formation in Synergistic Doping of SrTiO3Koshi, Namitha Anna; Murthy, Dharmapura H. K.; Chakraborty, Sudip; Lee, Seung-Cheol; Bhattacharjee, Satadeep
2022-01Two-Dimensional Stacked Composites of Self-Assembled Alkane Layers and Graphene for Transparent Gas Barrier Films with Low PermeabilityKim, Yoon-jeong; Seo, Tae Hoon; Kim, Yang Hui; Suh, Eun-Kyung; Bae, Sukang; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Kim, Jaewoo; Kang, Youngjong; Kim, Myung Jong; Ahn, Seokhoon
2022-09Steering Catalytic Selectivity with Atomically Dispersed Metal Electrocatalysts for Renewable Energy Conversion and Commodity Chemical ProductionKim, Jae Hyung; Sa, Young Jin; Lim, Taejung; Woo, Jinwoo; Joo, Sang Hoon
2022-06Sustainable Bio-Based Superabsorbent Polymer: Poly(itaconic acid) with Superior Swelling PropertiesChoi, Hyesun; Park, Jongshin; Lee, Jiwon
2022-03ZnO/ZnS-Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogel for Photocatalytic H-2-GenerationPoliukhova, Valeriia; Lei, Wenwei; Khan, Sovann; Tae, Eunju Lee; Suzuki, Norihiro; Terashima, Chiaki; Fujishima, Akira; Katsumata, Ken-Ichi; 조소혜
2022-03Origin of Hydrogen Incorporated into Ethylene during Electrochemical CO2 Reduction in Membrane Electrode AssemblyChoi, Woong; Park, Seongho; Jung, Wonsang; Won, Da Hye; Na, Jonggeol; Hwang, Yun Jeong