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2023-02Electrochemical assessment of highly reversible SnO2-coated Zn metal anodes prepared via atomic layer deposition for aqueous Zn-ion batteriesGong, Sang Hyuk; Lim, Hyo Jin; Lee, Ji Hyeon; Yoo, Yiseul; Yu, Seungho; Lim, Hee-Dae; Jung, Hyun Wook; Ko, Jesse S.; Kim, In Soo; Kim, Hyung-Seok
2023-02Real-Time Underwater Nanoplastic Detection beyond the Diffusion Limit and Low Raman Scattering Cross-Section via Electro-Photonic TweezersEui-Sang Yu; Jeong, Eui Tae; Seungha Lee; Kim, In Soo; Chung, Seok; Han, Seungyeon; Choi, Inhee; Ryu, Yong-Sang
2023-06Photoactive materials and devices for energy-efficient soft wearable optoelectronic systemsLee, Sangkyu; Kim, Jihyun; Hannah, Kwon; Son, Donghee; Kim, In Soo; Kang, Joohoon
2023-06Naked-eye observation of water-forming reaction on palladium etalon: transduction of gas-matter reaction into light-matter interactionLee, Jongsu; Yu, Eui-Sang; Kim, Taehyun; Kim, In Soo; Chung, Seok; Kwak, Seung Jae; Lee, Won Bo; Pak, Yusin; Ryu, Yong-Sang
2023-10Indium-Gallium-Zinc Oxide-Based Synaptic Charge Trap Flash for Spiking Neural Network-Restricted Boltzmann MachinePark, Eunpyo; Jang, Suyeon; Noh, Gichang; Jo, Yooyeon; Lee, Dae Kyu; Kim, In Soo; Song, Hyun-Cheol; Kim, Sangbum; Kwak, Joon Young
2023-09Scalable, Patternable Glass-Infiltrated Ceramic Radiative Coolers for Energy-Saving Architectural ApplicationsJeon, Seung Kyu; Kim, June Tae; Kim, Min Seong; Kim, In Soo; Park, Sung Jin; Jeong, Hyeondeok; Lee, Gil Ju; Kim, Yeong Jae
2023-11Functional Radiative Cooling: Basic Concepts, Materials, and Best Practices in MeasurementsLiu, Pengfei; Bae, Sangwok; Noh, Jaebum; Kim, Minjeong; Heo, Jae Won; Son, Donghee; Kang, Joohoon; Rho, Junsuk; So, Sunae; Kang, Jin Gu; Kim, In Soo
2023-11Strain-Enabled Local Phase Control in Layered MoTe2 for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Hydrogen EvolutionLee, Youjin; Lee, Soo Hyun; Han, Sun Kyung; Park, Jiheon; Lee, Dongwook; Preston, Daniel J.; Kim, In Soo; Hersam, Mark C.; Kwon, Yongwoo; Shong, Bonggeun; Lee, Won-Kyu
2023-06Modular wearable optoelectronic system using photoactive nanomembranesKang, Kyumin; Hannah, Kwon; Song, Okin; Yang Tae Ri; Kang, Joohoon; Kim, In Soo; Son, Donghee
2023-10Electrical properties and defect analysis of MAPbI3 thin films grown on TiO2 layer through a two-step drying processLee, Kyoung Su; Kim, Young-Hwan; Kim, In Soo; Kim, Eun Kyu