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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-08Surface-Functionalizable Plant-Derived Extracellular Vesicles for Targeted Drug Delivery Carrier Using GrapefruitMoon, Kyunghwan; Hur, Jihyeon; Kim, Kwang Pyo; Lee, Kangwon; Kang, Ji Yoon
2023-03Nanoencapsulation enhances the bioavailability of fucoxanthin in microalga Phaeodactylum tricornutum extract구송이; 황금택; 황순재; 최기영; 박윤지; 최재형; 큐옌 투 투롱; 김상민
2023-03Exsolved Ru on BaCexOy Catalysts for Thermochemical Ammonia SynthesisBadakhsh, Arash; Vieri, Hizkia Manuel; Sohn, Hyuntae; Yoon, Sung Pil; Choi, Sun Hee
2023-02Ni3S4/SnS/Graphene Oxide/Carbon Nanotube Composites as Anodes for Na-Ion BatteriesSadaqat, Afifa; Ali, Ghulam; ul Hassan, Mahmood; Iftikhar, Faiza Jan; Abbas, Saleem
2023-02Doped and immobilized titanium dioxide photocatalysts as a potential source of nitrosamine formationSeid, Mingizem Gashaw; Son, Aseom; Cho, Kangwoo; Byun, Jeehye; Hong, Seok Won
2023-02Isotropic conductive paste for bioresorbable electronicsKIM, KYUNGSU; Woo-Youl Maeng; KIM, SEONGCHAN; Gyubok Lee e; Minki Hong; Kim ga-been; Jaewon Kim; Sungeun Kim; Seunghun Han; Jaeyoung Yoo; LEE, HYO JIN; Kangwon Lee; Jahyun Koo
2023-02Porous silicon surface modification via a microwave-induced in situ cyclic disulfide (S-S) cleavage and Si-S bond formationOh, Ji Hyeon; Um, Hyeji; Park, Yoon Kyung; Kim, Min; Kim, Dopil; Bang, Eun-Kyoung; Kang, Rae Hyung; Dokyoung, Kim
2023-01Low-temperature crystallization of LaFeO3 perovskite with inherent catalytically surface for the enhanced oxygen evolution reactionKim, Hee Jun; Kim, Sang Heon; Kim, Sun-Woo; Kim, Jin-Kyeom; Cao, Chentian; Kim, Yongchul; Kim, Ungsoo; Lee, Geunsik; Choi, Jae-Young; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Song, Hyun-Cheol; Choi, Won Jun; Park, Hyesung; Baik, Jeong Min
2023-01Crystallinity-modulated hollow CeO2-x nanorods as free radical scavengers for long-term photostability in organic photovoltaicsYoon, Seongwon; Taehyun Kwon; Kim, Sohyun; Park, So Hyun; Lim, Youngjoon; Kim, Jihun; Kim, Jun; An, Kwangjin; Park, Sungmin; Kim, Jin Young; Son, Hae Jung
2023-04Plant-derived nanovesicles: Current understanding and applications for cancer therapyPhung Ngoc Ly; Han, Hwa Seung; Kim, Myungsuk; Park, Jae Hyung; Choi, Ki Young