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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003A novel design and control of robotic wheeled blimp for tele-guidanceKang, S; Nam, M; Kim, B; Tsubouchi, T; Yuta, S
2003Gated field emitter using carbon nanotubes for vacuum microelectronic devicesJang, YT; Choi, CH; Ju, BK; Ahn, JH; Lee, YH
2003Functional colonoscope robot systemKim, B; Jeong, Y; Lim, HY; Park, JO; Menciassi, A; Dario, P
2003-01Lowering spatial frequency by using two confocal lenses in digital holographyKim, SK; Choi, HH; Son, JY
2003Evaluation of robotic fingers based on kinematic analysisHwang, CS; Sasaki, K
2003-01The pulsed laser electro-holographic system using the interference fringe image of the CCDChoi, H; Kim, SK; Son, JY; Wu, JW
2003Virtual rays for diffraction coefficients of a composite wedgeKim, SY
2003Impurity free vacancy disordering of self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots by using PECVD-grown SiO2 and SiNx capping filmsLee, JH; Choi, WJ; Park, YJ; Han, IK; Lee, JI; Cho, WJ; Kim, EK
20033D MEMS antenna for IR sensor using novel UV-lithography, plastic micro machining and mesh structure bonding techniquePark, JY; Kim, KT; Moon, S; Pak, JJ
2003-06Effects of ozonation on disinfection and microbial activity in waste activated sludge for land applicationAhn, KH; Maeng, SK; Hong, JS; Lim, BR
2003Wheeled blimp : Hybrid structured airship with passive wheel mechanism for tele-guidance applicationsKang, S; Lee, W; Nam, M; Tsubouchi, T; Yuta, S
2003A ciliary based 8-legged walking micro robot using cast IPMC actuatorsKim, B; Ryu, J; Jeong, Y; Tak, Y; Kim, B; Park, JO
2003A novel micro-gas sensor using laterally grown carbon nanotubesJang, YT; Choi, CH; Moon, SI; Ahn, JH; Lee, YH; Ju, BK
2003Mechanochemical synthesis of TiN/TiB2 and TiN/TiSi2 nanocomposite powders via high energy ball millingShim, JH; Byun, JS; Cho, YW
2003Analysis of mechanical characteristics of the ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC) actuator using cast ion-exchange filmKim, B; Kim, BM; Ryu, J; Oh, IH; Lee, SK; Cha, SE; Pak, J
2003-01-01Performance of membrane bioreactor system with sludge ozonation process for minimization of excess sludge productionSONG, KYUNG GUEN
2003-01-01제조방법에 따른 압전 세라믹-고분자 복합소재 특성Choi, Ji Won
2003-01-01선형 초음파 모터 설계 및 제작Choi, Ji Won
2003-01-01Photonics Logic Gates Based on SOAByun, Young Tae; Woo, Deok Ha; Jhon, Young Min
2003-01-01Analysis of traveling-wave electroabsorption modulator using FDTD methodByun, Young Tae; Woo, Deok Ha