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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-08MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions for spin-transfer-torque random access memoryMin, B.-C.; Shin, I.-J.; Choi, G.-M.; Ahn, C.; Langer, J.; Ocker, B.; Maass, W.; Shin, K.-H.
2010-09Descattering transmission via angular filteringKim, J.; Lanman, D.; Mukaigawa, Y.; Raskar, R.
2010-09Effect of halogen-containing ionic liquids on the enhancement of catalytic activity of Nafion(R) NR50 in the cellobiose hydrolysisAdid Adep; Ryu, Jihye; CHOI, JAE WOOK; Suh, Dong Jin; Suh Young-Woong
2010-08-30Effects of temperature, residence time, and surrounding atmosphere on the characteristics of the calcium carbonate sorbent particles in a drop tube furnaceJung, Jae Hee
2010-08-06(Keynote) Dynamics of a Wormlike Polyelectrolyte Chain in Simple Flows by Brownian Dynamics Simulation and Single Molecule TrackingChun, Myung Suk
2010-09-07금속 나노분말 제조 작업장에서 에어로졸 입자의 노출평가Jung, Jae Hee
2010-08-02Correlation between Crystallization Behavior and Bending Deformation of Film Insert Molded PartsKim, Seong Yun
2010-08-23Electron Donor Dependent Iron and Sulfate Reduction and Microbial Community DevelopmentKwon, Man Jae
2010-09IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (ROMAN 2010)Kim, Do ik
2010-04분위기제어 플라즈마 스프레이(Environment-controlled plasma spray)에 의해 제조된 MWCNT 강화 비정질 세라믹 나노복합체 코팅의 MWCNT 함량에 따른 미세구조 및 기계적 특성 평가Choi eun young; Jeong-Hoon; Seok, Hyun Kwang; 김광호