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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Expansion of spatial measurement range in a correlation based Brillouin optical sensing systemJeong, Ji Ho; Lee, Kwanil; Jeong, Je-Myung; Lee, Sang Bae
2011A Guideline for an Outpatient Guidance System for Use in General HospitalsKim, Gunhee; Park, Jukyung; Han, Manchul; Park, Hyunchul; Jung, Dayoung; Park, Sehyung; Lee, Seongil; Ha, Sungdo
2011TiO2 Photocatalysis for the Redox Conversion of Aquatic PollutantsLee, Jaesang; Kim, Jungwon; Choi, Wonyong
2011Effect of Aesthetic Design Elements on Tabletop Display InteractionLee, Hyunglae; Shin, Hyunjin; Park, Ji-Hyung
2011Potential and Limitation of Application of Pulsed Laser Deposited Nano-structure LSC Thin Film Cathode to YSZ Electrolyte SOFCSon, Ji-Won; Myung, Doo-Hwan; Hwang, Jaeyeon; Lee, Hae-Weon; Lee, Jong-Ho
2011Concurrent Control of Position/Orientation of a Redundant Manipulator based on Virtual Spring-Damper HypothesisKim, Sung-Kyun; Bae, Ji-Hun; Oh, Yonghwan; Oh, Sang-Rok
2011Viable AC Two-probe Impedance Spectroscopy based on Spatially-limited Contact Probe for SOFC CathodeLee, J. -H.; Ji, H. -I.; Kim, H. -R.; Son, J. -W.; Hwang, J. -H.
2011Enhanced Hand Rehabilitation using a Haptic InterfacePark, Wanjoo; Shin, Seungjae; Cho, Hyunchul; Park, Sehyung; Kim, Laehyun
2011Comparison of image composition between MV and IPSon, Jung-Young; Park, Min-Chul; Lee, Hyoung; Kim, Kyung-Tae
2011Interactive 3D Simulator for Autostereoscopic Display SystemsPark, Min-Chul; Lee, Ho-Dong; Son, Jung-Young
2011High temperature fatigue behavior of 23Cr26Ni heat resistant steelLee, Hee Woong; Kwun, S. I.; Jung, Woo Sang
2011-10Robot component connection mechanism using IP based permission assignmentLim, Ki-Woong; Ahn, Sang Chul; Kwon, Yong-Moo; Sohn, KwangHoon
2011New Robotic Motion Generation using Digital Convolution with Physical System LimitationLee, Geon; Yi, Byung-Ju; Kim, Doik; Choi, Youngjin
2011A Fast Classification System for Decoding of Human Hand Configurations Using Multi-Channel sEMG SignalsPark, Myoung Soo; Kim, Keehoon; Oh, Sang Rok
2011Tangible Baseball Supporting System based on Social MediaLee, Changhyeon; Song, Jungwook; Choi, Hye Min; Kwon, Yong-Moo; Ko, Heedong
2011Needle Insertion Simulator with Haptic FeedbackShin, Seungjae; Park, Wanjoo; Cho, Hyunchul; Park, Sehyung; Kim, Laehyun
2011Selectively Self-Assembled Single-Salled Carbon Nanotubes Using Only Photolithography Without Additional Chemical ProcessKim, K. H.; Kim, T. G.; Lee, S.; Jhon, Y. M.; Kim, S. H.; Byun, Y. T.
2011-01Synthesis of Co-doped tialite ceramic pigments and coloring in glazesKim, Y.-J.; Han, K.-S.; Lee, B.-H.
2011-01Synthesis and formation mechanism of Mn-doped Zn2SiO4 brown pigmentHwang, D.-H.; Han, K.-S.; Lee, B.-H.
2011Highlighted DOF Photography: Shining Light on FocusKim, Jae won