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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11-09Organic Molecule Treatment on Interfaces of Semiconducting TMD-Based Field Effect TransistorsCho, Kyungjune
2021-01Federated Learning for Face RecognitionKim, Jaehyeok; Kim, Suhyun; Kim, Hyorin; Park, Taehyeong
2021-10ASAP: Auto-generating Storyboard And Previz with Virtual HumansKim, Hanseob; Ali, Ghazanfar; Hwang, Jae-In
2021-02An approach for assessing arousal characteristics of ASMR using electroencephalographic powerKoo, Bonseok; Kim, Laehyun; Ha, Jihyeon; Kim, Da-Hye
2021-02Cross-Domain Grouping and Alignment for Domain Adaptive Semantic SegmentationKim, Minsu; Joung, Sunghun; Sohn, Kwanghoon; Park, Jungin; Kim, Ig-Jae; Kim, Seungryong
2021-02A brain-computer interface-based meal-assist robot control systemKim, Laehyun; Ha, Jihyeon
2021-02Deep Low-Contrast Image Enhancement using Structure Tensor RepresentationJung, Hyungjoo; Sohn, Kwanghoon; Ha, Namkoo; Jang, Hyunsung
2021-02-22Subject-Transfer Approach based on Convolutional Neural Network for the SSSEP-BCIsKim, Keun-Tae; Choi, Junhyuk; Kim, Hyungmin; Lee, Song Joo
2021-03Auto-generating Virtual Human Behavior by Understanding User ContextsKim, Hanseob; Ali, Ghazanfar; Hwang, Jae-In; Kim, Gerard J.; Kim, Seungwon
2021-03The role of cations on contactless actuation of perfluorinated ionomer membranes in salt solutionBoldini, Alain; Porfiri, Maurizio; Cha, Youngsu
2021-03-08Formal Verification for Human-Robot Interaction in Medical EnvironmentsChoi, Benjamin J.; Park, Chung Hyuk; Park, Ju youn
2021-05Fast Replanning Multi-Heuristic AHa, Junhyoung; Kim, Soonkyum
2021-06Monolithic perovskite-silicon tandem cells using molybdenum oxide hole selective contact silicon solar cells as bottom structuresLee, Changhyun; Song, Hoyoung; Hyun, Jiyeon; Lee, Sang-Won; Choi, Dongjin; Pyun, Dowon; Kim, Donghwan; Kim, Jiryang; Bae, Soohyun; Lee, Hyunju; Kang, Yoonmook; Lee, Hae-Seok; Nam, Jiyeon
2021-07Virtual thermal feedback system using thermal conductivityMin, Jiyong; Cha, Youngsu; Kim, Hojoon
2021-07A Hand-held Non-Robotic Controller of a Manipulator with Cable Guide for Minimally Invasive SurgeryKim, Yonghyeok; Kim, Keri; Moon, Yonghwan; Kim, Jeongryul
2021-09"Pretending to be Okay in a Sad Voice": Social Robot's Usage of Verbal and Nonverbal Cue Combination and its Effect on Human Empathy and Behavior InducementByeong June Moon; JongSuk Choi; Sona Kwak
2021-09Effects of Conversational Contexts and Forms of Non-lexical Backchannel on User Perception of RobotsKim Sangmin; Seok Sukyung; JongSuk Choi; Lim Yoonseob; Sona Kwak
2021-09Sequential Lung Nodule Synthesis Using Attribute-Guided Generative Adversarial NetworksSuh, Sungho; Cheon, Sojeong; Lee, Yong Oh; Lee, Deukhee; Chang, Dong-Jin
2021-09-27Computationally Efficient HQP-based Whole-body Control Exploiting the Operational-space FormulationLee, Yisoo; Ahn, Junewhee; Lee, Jinoh; Park, Jaeheung
2021-10Evaluation of Applied Force During Nasopharyngeal Swab Sampling Using Handheld Sensorized InstrumentPark, Chaewon; Choi, Ingu; Roh, Juhyeong; Lim, So Yun; Kim, Sung-Han; Lee, Jongwon; Yang, Sungwook