Atomic Pt clusters on Au dendrite for formic acid oxidation

Kim, JooyoungKim, HyunkiKim, SungjunJang, Jue-HyukSohn, HyuntaeHong, Seok JinKim, JunhyeongHan, Gyeong HoChoe, SeonghyunSung, Yung-EunKim, Soo YoungJang, Ho WonJo, Tae HwanLim, Hyung-KyuYoo, Sung JongAhn, Sang Hyun
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Elsevier BV
Chemical Engineering Journal, v.451
The minimization of Pt loadings on Au via facile fabrication methods remains a grand challenge in the devel-opment of commercially viable electrodes for direct formic acid fuel cells. Herein, we report a simple electro-chemical strategy to prepare atomic Pt clusters on Au dendrites supported by carbon paper (CP) as a gas diffusion electrode. At highly negative deposition potentials, Pt deposition is autonomously quenched by immediate adsorption of discharged proton (H) on Pt surface, while highly roughened Au dendrites lead to resis-tance-capacitance delay for the transient cathodic current. As a result, the suppressed Pt nucleation and self -terminated Pt growth allows for the formation of isolated Pt sites on Au dendrites. The Pt/Au/CP with an ultra-low Pt loading of 5.0 mu gPt/cmgeo 2demonstrates high selectivity for direct pathway of formic acid oxidation reaction (FAOR), owing to the ensemble effect. A gradual increase of FAOR activity is observed during cycling test and then, the 20 cycled Pt/Au/CP shows remarkable FAOR activity in half-cell test, exceeding state-of-the-art Pt-Au catalysts. Theoretical calculation indicates that the stabilized intermediate on Pt clusters accelerates the direct FAOR pathway. CO chemisorption analysis reveals that the isolated Pt sites remain stable throughout the reaction. Single cell test for direct formic acid fuel cell with 20 cycled Pt/Au/CP anode demonstrate two-order higher Pt mass activity and mass power density, compared with values reported in recent literature.
ALLOY; GOLD; MECHANISM; PTAU; ENHANCED ELECTROCATALYTIC ACTIVITY; PLATINUM; ELECTROOXIDATION; NANOPARTICLES; PERFORMANCE; CATALYSTS; Pt cluster; Self -terminated electrodeposition; Formic acid oxidation reaction; Direct formic acid fuel cell
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