A Novel Performance Measure for Biped Robots against Bounded Persistent Disturbances

Lee, JongwooKim, Jung HoonOh, Yonghwan
Issue Date
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), pp.5805 - 5812
Despite successful demonstrations of outdoor walking by a few biped robots, performance measure for such robots has not been formally defined yet. The performance measure should be adequately defined by which one can evaluate how well the robot keeps from falling in the presence of disturbance. If such performance measure is suitably determined, designing a sort of optimal controller for stable outside walking would be possible. This paper firstly suggests to adopt the l(infinity)-induced norm defined on the linearized Poincare map as a novel performance measure for biped robots, in the presence of bounded persistent disturbance. In order to validate the measure, a nonlinear dynamic simulation is conducted by extending an existing simple model to walk on rough terrain, of which height variance is bounded by some maximum value. The measure exploited for the model is compared with the numerical result obtained from nonlinear dynamic simulation. Finally, an example of application of this measure is provided, which successfully predicts whether the system could overcome upcoming terrain roughness.
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