M2 Macrophage-Derived Concentrated Conditioned Media Significantly Improves Skin Wound Healing

Savitri, CinintaKwon, Jae WonDrobyshava, ValeryiaHa, Sang SuPark, Kwideok
Issue Date
한국조직공학과 재생의학회
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, v.19, no.3, pp.617 - 628
Background: Macrophages, with many different phenotypes play a major role during wound healing process, secreting the cytokines crucial to angiogenesis, cell recruitment and ECM remodeling. Therefore, macrophage-derived cytokines may be attractive therapeutic resource for wound healing. Methods: To obtain a conditioned media (CM) from macrophages, human monocyte THP-1 cells were seeded on TCP or human fibroblast-derived matrix (hFDM) and they were differentiated into M1 or M2 phenotype using distinct protocols. A combination of different substrates and macrophage phenotypes produced M1- and M2-CM or M1-hFDM- and M2-hFDM-CM, respectively. Proteome microarray determines the cytokine contents in those CMs. CMs-treated human dermal fibroblast (hDFB) was analyzed using collagen synthesis and wound scratch assay. Concentrated form of the CM (CCM), obtained by high-speed centrifugation, was administered to a murine full-thickness wound model using alginate patch, where alginate patch was incubated in the M2-CCM overnight at 4 degrees C before transplantation. On 14 day post-treatment, examination was carried out through H&E and Herovici staining. Keratinocyte and M2 macrophages were also evaluated via immunofluorescence staining. Results: Cytokine analysis of CMs found CCL1, CCL5, and G-CSF, where CCL5 is more dominant. We found increased collagen synthesis and faster wound closure in hDFB treated with M2-CM. Full-thickness wounds treated by M2-hFDM-CCM containing alginate patch showed early wound closure, larger blood vessels, increased mature collagen deposition, enhanced keratinocyte maturation and more M2-macrophage population. Conclusion: Our study demonstrated therapeutic potential of the CM derived from M2 macrophages, where the cytokines in the CM may have played an active role for enhanced wound healing.
GROWTH-FACTORS; I COLLAGEN; CYTOKINES; MIGRATION; CELLS; Extracellular matrix; Macrophage; Wound healing; Cytokines; Alginate
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