Novel Approach to Color-Neutral Transparent Solar Cells: An Organic-Si Hybrid Achieved by Laser Microhole Drilling

Ho, Ngoc ThanhLee, SeongyuJoo, Beom SooKim, JagyeongKang, JoonHyunKim, Jin HongKang, GuminKo, Hyungduk
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Laser & Photonics Reviews
Transparent solar cells (TSCs) hold promise for applications in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs) and vehicles. However, existing TSCs often have compromised color neutrality and efficiency because of the distinctive colors arising from their photoactive materials. The study proposes a novel fabrication method for TSCs based on Si wafers with the average visible transmittance (AVT) controlled by creating a microhole pattern through a combination of nanosecond laser drilling and subsequent wet etching. Through this ambient-air process, organic-Si hybrid TSCs are successfully realized by integrating an organic PEDOT:PSS layer onto this structure with a neutral color. The power conversion efficiency (PCE) is adjusted by the fraction of the perforated region, and it attained 6.20% at 30% AVT, 5.37% at 40% AVT, and 4.67% at 50% AVT. In this hybrid TSC approach, the CIE color coordinates are closely aligned with the neutral-color points (0, 0), resulting in color rendering index (CRI) values exceeding 99. The strategy represents a significant step toward the development of efficient color-neutral TSCs for transparent solar applications. The study demonstrates PEDOT: PSS-based organic hybrid transparent Si solar cells by a cost-effective method, combining nanosecond laser perforation and wet etching under ambient conditions. The devices achieve impressive efficiencies of 6.20%, 5.37%, and 4.67% at transmittances of 30%, 40%, and 50%, respectively, and guarantee optically neutral color, maintaining clarity with a color rendering index of approximate to 100. image
SILICON; ELECTRODE; laser drilling; neutral color; organic-Si hybrid solar cell; transparent Si; transparent solar cell
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