Development of an Ephedrine In-House Matrix Reference Material and Its Application to Doping Analysis

Kang, In SeonSEO, YOON DAMLee, Kang MiLee, Hyeon-JeongSON, Jung hyunLee, Hwa JeongOh, Min-KyuMin, Ho phil
Issue Date
ACS Publications
ACS Omega, v.9, no.11, pp.12689 - 12697
Biomatrix-based reference materials (RMs) improve the quality of laboratory test results by better representing actual samples. However, a matrix RM of ephedrine (EP) for threshold substances that require accurate analysis results has not yet been developed. Therefore, this study aimed to develop an in-house matrix RM for EP and subsequently apply it to analytical procedures. During the development of the in-house matrix EP RM, the system underwent homogeneity and stability studies. Additionally, it was subjected to interlaboratory comparison study in 11 laboratories, including 10 World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)-accredited laboratories and our laboratory. Stability testing revealed no significant changes in the RM characteristics. For homogeneity, 10 random batches out of 200 were analyzed to confirm the uniformity within and between bottles. These results, combined with data from 11 laboratories, ensured retroactive validation. The traceability value of the in-house matrix EP RM was assigned as 9.83 ± 0.57 μg/mL (k = 2) by interlaboratory comparison studies and traceable uncertain evaluation. The feasibility of this method as a single calibration standard was confirmed in two laboratories. This substance is reliable and consistent for quality control during EP quantification, ensuring accurate and trustworthy outcomes. Consequently, this study establishes a framework and guidelines for producing in-house matrix RMs and serves as a reference for generating similar matrix RMs in other contexts.
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