Monolithic Perovskite-Silicon Dual-Band Photodetector for Efficient Spectral Light Discrimination

Kim, WoochulSeo, YeonjuAhn, DanteKim, In SooBalamurugan, ChandranJung, Gun YoungKwon, SooncheolKim, HyeonghunPak, Yusin
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Advanced Science
Selective spectral discrimination of visible and near-infrared light, which accurately distinguishes different light wavelengths, holds considerable promise in various fields, such as automobiles, defense, and environmental monitoring. However, conventional imaging technologies suffer from various issues, including insufficient spatial optimization, low definition, and optical loss. Herein, a groundbreaking advancement is demonstrated in the form of a dual-band photodiode with distinct near-infrared- and visible-light discrimination obtained via simple voltage control. The approach involves the monolithic stacking integration of methylammonium lead iodide (MAPbI3) and Si semiconductors, resulting in a p-Si/n-phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester/i-MAPbI3/p-spiro-MeOTAD (PNIP) device. Remarkably, the PNIP configuration can independently detect the visible and near-infrared regions without traditional optical filters under a voltage range of 3 to -3 V. In addition, an imaging system for a prototype autonomous vehicle confirms the capability of the device to separate visible and near-infrared light via an electrical bias and practicality of this mechanism. Therefore, this study pushes the boundaries of image sensor development and sets the stage for fabricating compact and power-efficient photonic devices with superior performance and diverse functionality. A practical perovskite-silicon dual-band photodetector based on a back-to-back photodiode is designed that can discriminate the wavelength region for photoresponse through simple voltage control without the use of optical filters. The proposed single-pixel imaging platform is capable of real-time identification of mixed VIS and NIR light. image
monolithic stacking; perovskite; selective spectral discrimination; dual-band photodiode
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