The osteogenic effect of Diospyros lotus L. leaf extract in preosteoblast MC3T3E1 cells and ovariectomized mice

Hong, SoyeonNadzeya, LazerkaErdenebileg, SaruulCho, SuhyunNho, Chu WonYoo, Gyhye
Issue Date
한국식품영양과학회 (KFN)
2023년 국제심포지엄 및 정기학술대회
Osteoporosis is a bone disorder with low bone density andincrease the risk of bone fracture, which is positively associatedwith death rates in old population. Current treatmentfor osteoporosis includes hormone replace therapy, bisphosphateand anti-bone resorption agents. However, dueto severe side effects, there is a requirement to developnovel agents for osteoporosis and osteogenic agents isemerging because of their increasing property of bonedensity. In this study, we investigated the osteogenic effectof Diospyros lotus L. leaf extract (DLE) and its componentson preosteoblast MC3T3E1 cells and ovariectomized inducedosteoporosis, and elucidated their mechanisms. DLEenhanced the differentiation of preosteoblast MC3T3E1cells and increased osteogenic molecules such as RUNX2and OSX. In ovariectomized mice, DLE treatment suppresseda decrease of bone mineral density and improvedother bone markers. This effect of DLE was confirmed withthe increase of osteogenic protein and mRNA expressionin bone marrow cells. In conclusion, DLE has an inducingactivity on osteoblast differentiation, following the suppressionof osteoporosis.
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