Post-synthetic modifications (PSM)-induced defects in hybrid metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) to unleash potential in gas separation membrane applications

Choi, Gyeong MinMandal, ManasJung, Ho JinPanda, JagannathKwon, Young JeZhang, KaiyunVivek, E.Shon, MinyoungRavi, KrishnanBaek, Kyung-YoulKwon, Hyuk TaekYeo, Jeong-GuCho, Kie Yong
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Allerton Press Inc.
Journal of Materials Science & Technology, v.201, pp.95 - 118
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a subclass of porous materials that have gained considerable attention recently due to their unique properties and potential applications. However, MOFs may exhibit defects affecting their gas separation performance, limiting their practical applications. This review article focuses on defects in MOFs and their impact on gas separation. Additionally, the reports explore the potential of De novo and post-synthetic modification (PSM) to improve the gas separation properties by tuning their defects. The PSM of MOFs is discussed in detail, including the different types of modifications and their effects on the MOF properties. Finally, the article discusses the potential of PSM for practical gas separation applications, highlighting recent examples of MOF-based membranes and adsorbents with improved gas separation performance resulting from PSM. It is strategically reasonable to have defects inside the MOFs, but why is it so fascinating in gas separation applications? In this present review, we have tried to uncover the mystery of defects . Overall, this review highlights the importance of defects in MOFs and the potential of PSM strategies to enhance their gas separation properties (c) 2024 Published by Elsevier Ltd on behalf of The editorial office of Journal of Materials Science & Technology.
MIXED-MATRIX MEMBRANES; FUNCTIONALIZED UIO-66-NH2; POSTSYNTHETIC LIGAND; HIGHLY EFFICIENT; MODULATION; ADSORPTION; STABILITY; METATHESIS; STRATEGY; EXCHANGE; Metal -organic frameworks; Post -synthetic modifications; Defect engineering; Zeolitic imidazolate frameworks; Mixed -matrix membranes; Gas separation
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