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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Fabrication of integrated triode-type CNT field emitters.채수경; 이정아; 장윤택; 이양두; Cho Woo; 문승일; LEE YUN HI; 이상근; Ju Byeong Kwon
-Structure and field emission properties of carbon - nitrogen (CN) nanofibers obtained by hot isostatic pressure이양두; V.D. Blank; D.V. Batov; S.G. Buga; 남산; LEE YUN HI; Ju Byeong Kwon
-Film bulk acoustic wave resonator using surface micromachining.KIM IN TAY; 박윤권; 이시형; 이수현; LEE YUN HI; Lee Jeon Kook; 김남수; Ju Byeong Kwon
-Single crystalline silicon thin film transistor using SOI wafer for the switching device of top emission type AMOLEDs.장재원; Kim Hun; Kim Jai Kyeong; LEE YUN HI; Ju Byeong Kwon
-The structure and morphology characterization of vacuum-evaporated pentacene as a function of the evaporation condition장재원; Kim Hun; Kim Jai Kyeong; LEE YUN HI; Kim Young Chul; 장진; Ju Byeong Kwon
-Study on the inorganic thin-film passivation for organic light-emitting diodeKim, Hun; Kim Kwang Ho; Kim Jai Kyeong; LEE YUN HI; 도이미; 한정인; 장진; Ju Byeong Kwon
-Fabrication and characterization of gated FEAs using carbon nanotubes장윤택; CHOI CHANG HOON; Ju Byeong Kwon; LEE YUN HI; OH MYUNG HWAN; 민남기; AHN JIN HO
-Field emission properties of porous polycrystalline silicon Nano-structure이주원; Kim Hun; 박종원; LEE YUN HI; 장진; Ju Byeong Kwon
-Packaging of the MEMS devices using thin silicon wafer박윤권; 김용국; Kim Hun; LEE YUN HI; 김철주; Ju Byeong Kwon
-Development of flat type back-lamp using carbon nano tubes grown on glass substrate이양두; 이덕중; 박정훈; 유재은; LEE YUN HI; 장진; Ju Byeong Kwon