Mobile Wireless Low-intensity Transcranial Ultrasound Stimulation System for Freely Behaving Small Animals

Evgenii KimJorge Sanchez-CasanovaEloise AnguluanKIM HYUNG MINJae Gwan Kim
Issue Date
41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), pp.6282 - 6285
Transcranial ultrasound stimulation (tUS) is a promising noninvasive approach to modulate brain circuits. While low-intensity tUS is putatively safe and has already been used for human participants, pre-clinical studies that aim to determine the effects of tUS on the brain still need to be carried out. Conventional tUS stimulation, however, requires the use of the anesthetized or immobilized animal model, which can place considerable restrictions on behavior. Thus, this work presents a portable, low cost, wireless system to achieve ultrasound brain stimulation in freely behaving animals. The tUS system was developed based on a commercial 16 MHz microcontroller and amplifier circuit. The acoustic wave with a central frequency of 450 kHz was generated from a 5mm PZT with a peak pressure of 426 kPa. The wireless tUS with a total weight of 20 g was placed on the back of the rat allowing the animal a full range of unimpeded motion. The mobile ultrasound system was able to induce a robust ear movement as a response to stimulation of the motor cortex. The outcome demonstrates the ability of wireless tUS to modulate the brain circuit of a freely behaving rat. The portability of the whole system provides a more naturalenvironment for investigating the effect of tUS on behavior and chronic studies.
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